Alcatrazz started their music in 1983 with a best-selling album (No Parole From Rock ‘n’ Roll). They had released two more albums before their break-up in 1987. But within that time, they enjoyed the guitar work of Yngwie Malmsteen, replaced by Steve Vai just a year after. Currently, there are two Alcatrazz bands in motion, one fronted by the original vocalist, Graham Bonnet (Rainbow), and the other with originals, Jimmy Waldo, and Gary Shea.

On May 19, The Waldo/Shea version of Alcatrazz will release an album to be called Take No Prisoners. The new album will contain ten new tracks.

Take No Prisoners will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Take No PrisonersAlcatrazz
01 Little Viper
02 Don’t Get Mad…Get Even (feat. Girlschool)
03 Battlelines
04 Strangers
05 Gates of Destiny
06 Alcatrazz
07 Holy Roller (Love’s Temple)
08 Power in Numbers
09 Salute the Colours
10 Bring on the Rawk

By MARowe