Foghat was born from the whole that made up Savoy Brown minus Kim Simmonds (who was the heart of Savoy Brown). With 5 near perfect Savoy Brown studio works under their belts, “Lonesome” Dave Peverett, Roger Earl, and Tone Stevens struck out on their own with a new band, Foghat. With Rod Price to handle more guitar work, Foghat lept from obscurity to fame in their first try. And for 6 years after their 1972 debut, Foghat released 7 more sets, most with Gold and above sales. (I’ll never understand the poor performance of Rock and Roll (1973) as it was a grand step forward.) By 1979, Foghat was overwhelmed by the arrival of New Wave. Although they continued to release albums (5 more over 4 more years, and a reunion set 11 years later with Return Of The Boogie Men in 1994. Sadly, only 2 from the original lineup remain alive.

On March 31, the folks at HNE Recordings and Cherry Red UK will release a 6CD Box to be called Road Fever: The Complete Bearsville Recordings 1972-1975. It will contain the first five classic era Foghat studio albums (Foghat, Rock and Roll, Energized, Rock and Roll Outlaws, and the multi-Platinum album, Fool For The City. CD6 will provide a collection of 13 single edits that offer both Mono and Stereo edits, long and shortened single edits, etc.

Road Fever will issue with a nice booklet to accompany the box.

Road Fever: The Complete Bearsville Recordings 1972-1975Foghat

CD1 (Foghat)
01 I Just Want To Make Love To You
02 Trouble, Trouble
03 Leavin’ Again (Again!)
04 Fool’s Hall Of Fame
05 Sarah Lee
06 Highway (Killing Me)
07 Maybelline
08 A Hole To Hide In
09 Gotta Get To Know You

CD2 (Foghat aka Rock and Roll)
01 Ride, Ride, Ride
02 Feel So Bad
03 Long Way To Go
04 It’s Too Late
05 What A Shame
06 Helping Hand
07 Road Fever
08 She’s Gone
09 Couldn’t Make Her Stay

CD3 (Energized)
01 Honey Hush
02 Step Outside
03 Golden Arrow
04 Home In My Hand
05 Wild Cherry
06 That’ll Be The Day
07 Fly By Night
08 Nothin’ I Won’t Do

CD4 (Rock and Roll Outlaws)
01 Eight Days On The Road
02 Hate To See You Go
03 Dreamer
04 Trouble In My Way
05 Rock And Roll Outlaw
06 Shirley Jean
07 Blue Spruce Woman
08 Chateau Lafitte ’59 Boogie

CD5 (Fool For The City)
01 Fool For The City
02 My Babe
03 Slow Ride
04 Terraplane Blues
05 Save Your Loving (For Me)
06 Drive Me Home
07 Take It Or Leave It

CD6 (Single Edits 1972-1975)
01 I Just Want To Make Love To You (Mono – 3.14)
02 I Just Want To Make Love To You (Stereo – 3.14)
03 What A Shame (Single Edit – 2.50)
04 A Hole To Hide In (Single Edit – 3.50)
05 What A Shame (Mono – 3.24)
06 What A Shame (Stereo – 3.24)
07 Ride, Ride, Ride (Stereo – 2.59)
08 Long Way To Go (Stereo – 4.06)
09 That’ll Be The Day (Mono – 2.52)
10 Step Outside (Stereo – 3.12)
11 Slow Ride (Stereo – 3.45)
12 Slow Ride (Stereo – 5.55)
13 Fool For The City (Stereo – 3.10)

By MARowe