Jade Warrior, a progressive-styled band using elements of multi-instrumentation, African rhythms, and the ever-growing Rock music to explore the spectrum with, formed in 1970 and was immediately signed to a label resulting in the release of their 1971 self-titled classic. Fans of the developing progressive style jumped in and were never dissatisfied with the results of their compositions even as the band shifted in musical experimentation often resulting in a more rock vein than their debut had.

On January 27 of 2023, Esoteric Recordings (Cherry Red UK) will bring reach into the ‘never released’ vaults and resurrect the shelved albums that were named Eclipse, and Fifth Element. Recorded but never released during the band’s time, they stayed in the dark. Esoteric will present these two albums as a duo release package with a new remastering from the original Vertigo analog tapes for both recordings.

The Eclipse/Fifth Element reissue will be completed with a new booklet that will offer an essay on the releases. They are welcome additions to help complete a Jade Warrior collection for those that enjoyed the band and their music.

Eclipse / Fifth ElementJade Warrior

CD1 (Eclipse – Remastered)
01 English Morning
02 Sanga
03 Too Many Heroes
04 Soldier Song
05 Mwenga Sketch
06 Holy Roller
07 House of Dreams

CD2 (Fifth Element – Remastered)
01 On the Mountain of Fruit
02 Discotechnique
03 Hey Rainy Day
04 We Are the One
05 24 Hour Movie
06 Annie
07 Yam Jam
08 Have You Ever

By MARowe