Marianne Faithfull has a proven track record with her unerring ability to become one with the times. Beginning in the ’60s with her hits that include “As Tears Go By”, and navigating time with her edgy 1979 Grammy-nominated (Best Female Rock Music Performance), and its follow-ups, Marianne Faithfull has been able to remain relevant throughout. She is still active in music having recently released a new album in April 2021 (with Warren Ellis). One of her albums, Kissin’ Time, was issued as a collaboration effort back in 2002. It did good chart work in European and the Swiss markets.

On January 27, BMG will reissue Kissin’ Time adding in 7 bonus tracks for a total of 18 tracks on a single CD. There will be previously unreleased sessions tracks along with a few remixes and dub versions.

Kissin’ Time will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP (for the first time). The vinyl LP will be pressed on heavyweight vinyl for this reissue. Vagabond Ways may be reissued on vinyl soon.

Kissin’ TimeMarianne Faithfull
01 Sex With Strangers (feat. Beck)
02 The Pleasure Song
03 Like Being Born (feat. Beck)
04 I’m On Fire (feat. Billy Corgan)
05 Wherever I Go (feat. Billy Corgan)
06 Song For Nico (feat. Dave Stewart)
07 Sliding Through Life on Charm (feat. Jarvis Cocker)
08 Love & Money
09 Nobody’s Fault (feat. Beck)
10 Kissin’ Time (feat. Blur)
11 Something Good (feat. Billy Corgan)
Bonus Tracks
12 Sex With Strangers (Sly & Robbie Sex Ref Mix)
13 The Pleasure Song (Rough Mix)
14 Kissin Time (feat. Blur) (Jacknife Lee / The Freelance Hellraiser Remix Edit)
15 Sex with Strangers (Sly & Robbie Dub Mix)
16 The World Between (Church Sessions Version)
17 The Pleasure Song (Church Sessions Version)
18 If You Don’t Touch Yourself (Church Sessions Version)

By MARowe