Robert Palmer, with a soulful vocal skill, and his charismatic presence, enjoyed a vibrant career trajectory with a peak beginning in 1974. His solo works with Island Records gave him the platform to produce strong singles and grand LPs. Among the singles were, “Addicted To Love”, “Bad Case Of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)”, “Simply Irresistible”, and “Bang A Gong (Get It On)”, and “Some Like It Hot” with his tenure in Power Station. His catalog contains 14 studio sets, most with Island Records.

On February 17 of 2023, Edsel Records (Demon Music Group UK) will release a 9CD Deluxe Edition that contains his works with the Island label. On the 9CDs will be all the Island label releases including the 1982 Maybe It’s Live release. In addition, the box will provide a collection of assorted bonus tracks that accompany the albums they’re associated with. The albums have been remastered.

The set will be referred to as The Island Records Years.

The Island Records Years – Robert Palmer

CD1 (Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley)
01 Sailin’ Shoes
02 Hey Julia
03 Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley
04 Get Outside
05 Blackmail
06 How Much Fun
07 From a Whisper to a Scream
08 Through It All There’s You
Bonus Tracks
09 Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley [Single Mix]
10 Epidemic
11 Blackmail [Alternate Take]
12 Get Outside [Alternate Take]

CD2 (Pressure Drop)
1 Give Me An Inch
2 Work to Make It Work
3 Back in My Arms
4 River Boat
5 Pressure Drop
6 Here with You Tonight
7 Trouble
8 Fine Time
9 Which of Us Is the Fool
Bonus Tracks
10 Willin’ [Demo]
11 Hope We Never Wake [Demo]

CD3 (Some People Can Do What They Like)
01 One Last Look
02 Keep in Touch
03 Man Smart, Woman Smarter
04 Spanish Moon
05 Have Mercy
06 Gotta Get a Grip on You (Part II)
07 What Can You Bring Me
08 Hard Head
09 Off the Bone
10 Some People Can Do What They Like

CD4 (Double Fun)
01 Every Kinda People
02 Best of Both Worlds
03 Come Over
04 Where Can It Go?
05 Night People
06 Love Can Run Faster
07 You Overwhelm Me
08 You Really Got Me
09 You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming

CD5 (Secrets)
01 Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)
02 Too Good to Be True
03 Can We Still Be Friends?
04 In Walks Love Again
05 Mean Old World
06 Love Stop
07 Jealous
08 Under Suspicion
09 Woman You’re Wonderful
10 What’s It Take?
11 Remember to Remember
Bonus Track
12 Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor) [12″ Mix]

CD6 (Clues)
01 Looking for Clues
02 Sulky Girl
03 Johnny and Mary
04 What Do You Care
05 I Dream of Wires
06 Woke Up Laughing
07 Not a Second Time
08 Found You Now
Bonus Tracks
9 Good Care of You
10 Johnny and Mary [Alternate Take]
11 What Do You Care [Alternate Mix]

CD7 (Maybe It’s Live)
01 Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley
02 What’s It Take?
03 Best of Both Worlds
04 Every Kinda People
05 Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)
06 Some Guys Have All the Luck
07 Style Kills
08 Si Chatouillieux
09 Maybe It’s You
10 What Do You Care

CD8 (Pride)
01 Pride
02 Deadline
03 Want You More
04 Dance for Me
05 You Are in My System
06 It’s Not Difficult
07 Say You Will
08 You Can Have It (Take My Heart)
09 What You Waiting for
10 The Silver Gun
Bonus Tracks
11 You Are in My System [12″ Remix]
12 Ain’t It Funky [Si Chatouillieux – Extended Version]
13 Pride [12″ Mix]
14 Parade of the Obliterators
15 You Can Have It [12″ Mix]
16 You Are in My System [Instrumental Mix]
17 Deadline [12″ Mix]

CD9 (Riptide)
01 Riptide
02 Hyperactive
03 Addicted to Love
04 Trick Bag
05 Get It Through Your Heart
06 I Didn’t Mean to Turn You on
07 Flesh Wound
08 Discipline of Love
09 Riptide (Reprise)
Bonus Tracks
10 Discipline of Love [12″ Mix]
11 Riptide Medley
12 Sweet Lies [12″ Mix]
13 Let’s Fall in Love
14 I Didn’t Mean to Turn You on [12″ Mix]
15 No Not Much [Live on the Tube]
16 Trick Bag [Live on the Tube]
17 Les Planches

By MARowe