A long time ago, a short-lived Icelandic band by the name of The Sugarcubes graced charts with three studio albums and singles. Their charismatic singer, Björk, went on to a successful solo career that has created ten albums, two of which sold almost 8 million copies combined over two years. Björk has remained a strong entry into next album anticipation by her worldwide fanbase.

On September 29, Björk will release her latest album – fossora. Inside, fossora will contain 13 songs. One of those songs, “Atopos” will soon be released ahead of the upcoming album.

fossora will be issued on CD, CD Deluxe (with 20-page booklet in hardbound packaging), DD, CS, and 2LP black vinyl. Fossora can be pre-ordered here. A 2LP Turquoise-colored vinyl package is being offered as well for collectors.


01 Atopos
02 Ovule
03 Mycelia
04 Sorrowful Soil
05 Ancestress
06 Fagurt Er í Fjörðum
07 Victimhood
08 Allow
09 Fungal City
10 Trölla-Gabba
11 Freefall
12 Fossora
13 Her Mother’s House (featuring serpentwithfeet)

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