While loved by a core fanbase, Rory Gallagher is a name that is relatively unknown to many. Why that is surely eludes me as his guitar prowess is up there along with some of our best masters of the instrument. Regardless of his position in the world of Rock and Roll, Rory Gallagher is, without question, one that deserves attention. Whether that attention is new or out of familiarity, the fact remains…Rory Gallagher is stunning with his music. Before his untimely and unfortunate death in 1995 at the age of 47, Rory turned out 11 solo studio albums, and 2 with Taste, his previous band.

On September 30, UMC will revisit the second solo studio effort from Rory Gallagher with a new remix and bonus collection of Deuce. Originally released in 1971, Deuce still had yet to mark the success of Rory Gallagher. That wouldn’t happen until a few sets later. The 2022 reissue of Deuce will feature a new remix of the album, and include 28 bonus alternate tracks that haven’t been released. A 6-track live set from the BBC Live archives will be included as well as seven more sessions tracks from Radio Bremen. The 4CD Box will contain a 64-page booklet with previously unseen photos and memorabilia from the period.

The 50th Anniversary box will not only be offered in the 4CD set, but also a truncated 2CD package, DD, and a 3LP vinyl set.

Deuce (4CD 50th Anniversary Edition – Rory Gallagher

CD1 (Original Album Remix – 50th Anniversary Edition]
01 Used To Be
02 I’m Not Awake Yet
03 Don’t Know Where I’m Going
04 Maybe I Will
05 Whole Lot Of People
06 In Your Town
07 Should’ve Learnt My Lesson
08 There’s A Light
09 Out Of My Mind
10 Crest Of A Wave

CD2 (Bonus Tracks – Alternate Takes)
01 Used To Be (Take 1)
02 Used To Be  (Take 2)
03 I’m Not Awake Yet (Take 1)
04 Don’t Know Where I’m Going  (Take 1)
05 Maybe I Will  (Take 1)
06 Maybe I Will  (Take 2)
07 Maybe I Will  (Take 3)
08 Maybe I Will  (Take 4)
09 Maybe I Will  (Take 5)
10 Whole Lot Of People (Take 1 – Electric)
11 Whole Lot Of People  (Take 1 – 6-String Acoustic)
12 Whole Lot Of People (Alternative Acoustic)
13 Whole Lot Of People (Take 1 – 12-String Acoustic)
14 In Your Town  (Take 1)
15 In Your Town (Take 2)
16 In Your Town  (Take 3)

CD3 (Bonus Tracks – Alternate Takes/Outtake/Home Demos)
01 In Your Town (Take 4)
02 Should’ve Learnt My Lesson  (Alternative Acoustic)
03 Should’ve Learnt My Lesson (Outtake)
04 Should’ve Learnt My Lesson (Take 2)
05 Should’ve Learnt My Lesson (Take 3)
06 There’s A Light (Take 1)
07 There’s A Light (Take 2)
08 There’s A Light (Take 3)
09 Out Of My Mind (Take 1)
10 Out Of My Mind (Take 2)
11 Out Of My Mind (Take 3)
12 Crest Of A Wave (Take 1)
13 Crest Of A Wave (Take 2)
14 Don’t Know Where I’m Going (Home Demo)
15 Maybe I Will (Home Demo)
16 Should’ve Learnt My Lesson (Home Demo)

CD4 (Live Performance Tracks – Radio Bremen 1971/BBC In Concert 1972]
Radio Bremen – December 21, 1971
01 Should’ve Learnt My Lesson
02 Crest Of A Wave
03 I Could’ve Had Religion
04 For The Last Time
05 Messin’ With The Kid
06 Don’t Know Where I’m Going
07 Pistol Slapper Blues
BBC In Concert – Live at the Paris Theatre – January 13, 1972
08 Used To Be
09 Should’ve Learnt My Lesson
10 Out Of My Mind
11 I Could’ve Had Religion
12 Crest Of A Wave
13 Messin’ With The Kid

By MARowe