Steve Roach is one of our premiere ambient artists, deserving to be celebrated as richly as we celebrate Tangerine Dream and other ambient masters. Since 1982, Steve Roach has explored the musical universe with more than 90 brilliantly conceived ambient album creations (including live sets).

On August 5, Steve Roach adds to that expansive collection with a brand new set. The four-track album will be called What Remains. It will be the artist’s next release on long-time affiliate, Projekt Records. Steve Roach has this to say about his new work:

“As I grow deeper into time, my devotion to deeply engaging in this creative life progressively increases the potency to burn away that which is no longer needed. The shedding of old skins, patterns and perceptions have to be examined. What remains infuses the art with this essence. This transcendental state inherently evolves as one is tempered through the priorities of time. There are no boundaries around what I do. I venture to the place I feel in my imagination or discover while creating the music; it is how it wants to unfold. I desire to keep pushing further and deeper into places that are connected to what I’ve done while also pushing me into new worlds to explore. As an artist, I use these instruments with the agility to move between a lot of dynamic soundworlds. Like an actor, I inhabit different roles and disappear into them. That creative experience embodies all these incredible emotional, spiritual and psychological spaces as a daily meditation upon what remains vital.”

What Remains will be issued on CD and DD.

What RemainsSteve Roach
01 Currents of Compassion
02 Prometheus Passage
03 The Gone Place
04 What Remains

By MARowe