Quiet Riot, who once boasted the guitar prowess of Randy Rhoads, metal vocals of Kevin DuBrow, and the drumming of Frankie Benali, produced two quite well-received albums back in the ’80s. Both albums were bolstered by their metal version covers of two prominent Slade songs. The band went through changes to keep the magic alive over fourteen studio sets. One of those is Alive And Well, released in 1999.

On June 17, Quiet Riot returns to the vaults to reissue a Deluxe Edition of Alive And Well. With the newly remastered album, a collection of six 1999 re-worked Quiet Riot classics that include the two Slade covers will be added. An additional CD is packaged in with 12 bonus tracks that feature nine 1984 live tracks, and three demo tracks. Alive And Well reunited the classic lineup (bringing back Rudy Sarzo to bass duties).

Alive And Well will be reissued on 2CD, and DD.

Alive And Well (Deluxe Edition) – Quiet Riot

CD1 (Original Album Remastered / Bonus Tracks)
01 Don’t Know What I Want
02 Angry
03 Alive And Well
04 The Ritual
05 Overworked And Underpaid
06 Slam Dunk (Way To Go!)
07 Too Much Information
08 Against The Wall
09 Highway To Hell
10 Sign Of The Times
11 Don’t Wanna Let You Go
12 The Wild And The Young
13 Mama Weer All Crazee Now (1999 Version)
14 Cum On Feel The Noize (1999 Version)
15 Metal Health (Bang Your Head) (1999 Version)

CD2 (Bonus Tracks: Live 1984 / Demos)
01 Let’s Get Crazy (Live 1984)
02 Condition Critical (Live 1984)
03 Run For Cover (Live 1984)
04 Swinging Lumber (Live 1984)
05 Winners Take All (Live 1984)
06 Cum On Feel The Noize (Live 1984)
07 Metal Health (Bang Your Head) (Live 1984)
08 Danger Zone (Live 1984)
09 Gonna Have A Riot (Live 1984)
10 Thunderbird (Demo)
11 Love’s A Bitch (Demo)
12 Let’s Get Crazy (Demo)

By MARowe