While Pete Shelley passed away in 2018, Buzzcocks have remained in action nonetheless. As a three-member band, Buzzcocks have used the time for the Pandemic wisely and have recorded new songs. Those songs are set to materialize in a new set by the band to be issued by UK label, Cherry Red.

On September 23, Buzzcocks return with Sonics In The Soul. The band is Steve Diggle, Chris Remington (since 2008), and Danny Farrant (since 2006). This “new era” of Buzzcocks can be heard on a recently limited-issue released single (March), “Sense Out Of Control”. It can be heard below. “Sense Out Of Control” retains the style and power of Buzzcocks. For others, think Ramones and you’ll get an idea of the song sound. 

Sonics In The Soul will be released on CD and vinyl LP. The 10″ 3-track EP of Senses Out Of Control has sold out and can no longer be acquired through normal channels. Pre-orders for Sonics In The Soul will come with a “while supplies last” pin badge.

Sonics In The SoulBuzzcocks
01 Senses Out of Control
02 Manchester Rain
03 You’ve Changed Everything Now
04 Bad Dreams
05 Nothingless World
06 Don’t Mess With My Brain
07 Just Got To Let It Go
08 Everything is Wrong
09 Experimental Farm
10 Can You Hear Tomorrow
11 Venus Eyes

By MARowe