If you were an avid fan of The Stranglers back in the late ’70s and through an ample number of years, then you know well enough who Hugh Cornwell is. For those that don’t, Hugh Cornwell was the vocalist for The Stranglers from their inception through 1990. He left the band to embark on a solo carrer that – thus far – culminated in nine solo efforts. The last was Monster, which was released in 2018.

The Stranglers themselves sold years of UK fandom with only a handful of US fans and other locales jumping in on the party. Hugh Cornwell was a large part of that success. His solo releases and the upcoming album deserve mention especially if you were a fan.

On October 7, leading up to a tour for the set, Hugh Cornwell will release his newest album – Moments Of Madness. It will offer ten new songs. Yes, the announcement is early, but it’s nice to know that the end of the year is bringing something nice for Hugh Cornwell and The Stranglers fans. A new song, “Red Rose” is now available as a single.

Moments Of Madness will be released on CD, DD, and two versions of vinyl LP – standard black, and a Limited Edition Mint Pearl-colored set. (You can pre-order all availabilities including exclusive bundles at this link.) 

Moments Of MadnessHugh Cornwell
01 Coming Out Of The Wilderness
02 Red Rose
03 IWannaHideInsideYa
04 Looking For You
05 When I Was A Young Man
06 Moments Of Madness
07 Beware Of The Doll
08 Too Much Trash
09 Lasagna
10 Heartbreak At Seven

By MARowe