The arrival of Punk opened the floodgates to an amazing wealth of talent, much of it hidden in the three chord anger of the style of Rock. After the initial rage cooled some, the bands who were considered Punk begn to blend in the genrfe and styles of their past into great music. The Clash were one of these bands that were able to create great Punk music and yet transition into highly talented band that knew how to explore music’s hallways.

On May 20, The last Clash album – Combat Rock – (with original lineup) will celebrate its 40th Anniversary and reissue as a Deluxe Edition exploring the quality of the album and the time it was created in with the classic as well as 12 bonus tracks being referred to as The People’s Hall, a title that will couple with Combat Rock.  The bonus tracks will feature demos, outtakes, and unreleased songs.

Combat Rock/The People’s Hall will be released on 2CD, CS, DD, and vinyl 3LP. A poster and a booklet arrive with the 2CD set, and a poster with LPs in printed sleeves come with the 3LP set. A few bundle packages are in the mix for collectors (here).

In addition to this album reissue, a 2-track 7″ black vinyl EP will be released featuring two Ranking Roger mixes of two Clash tracks (“Rock the Casbah”, “Red Angel Dragnet”). The Roger Ranking edition of “Rock The Casbah” can be heard below.

Combat Rock/The People’s Hall (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) – The Clash

CD1 (Combat Rock)
01 Know Your Rights
02 Car Jamming
03 Should I Stay Or Should I Go
04 Rock The Casbah
05 Red Angel Dragnet
06 Straight To Hell
07 Overpowered By Funk
08 Atom Tan
09 Sean Flynn
10 Ghetto Defendant
11 Inoculated City
12 Death Is A Star

CD2 (The People’s Hall)
01 Outside Bonds
02 Radio Clash
03 Futura 2000
04 First Night Back In London
05 Radio One – Mikey Dread
06 He Who Dares Or Is Tired*
07 Long Time Jerk
08 The Fulham Connection [aka The Beautiful People Are Ugly Too]
09 Midnight To Stevens
10 Sean Flyn
11 Idle In Kangaroo Court
12 Know Your Rights (Previously Unreleased)

By MARowe