Dave Brubeck has no shortage of recorded material given the more than 50 albums that are available in one form or another. I was introduced to Brubeck, and indeed Jazz by my uncle who had no shortage of love for Jazz, and thousands of albums to prove it.

According to the story, Dave Brubeck and his quartet were invited to play at the Vienna Koncerthaus at the end of the 1967 tour. One of the bandmates, Paul Desmond was MIA at the airport and did not make the show leaving the band to appear as a trio. The evenig was recorded and until recently, had not been located. But…what was lost was indeed found and the tapes were processed to be offered to the Brubeck public.

On April 15, Live From Vienna 1967 will be issued on CD and DD, with the 180g-weight vinyl LP version arriving on April 23 for Record Store Day. The tapes reveal an unusual and typically strange feel for the band with their saxophonist but managed to turn the evening into a hot gig. The six songs are extended play throughs and on CD, DD, and LP will catalog nicely into many rich Brubeck libraries. The releasing label will be Brubeck Editions. “Take The A Train” from this album can now be streamed here.

(With profound thanks to Steve Talia for the alert.)

Live From Vienna 1967Dave Brubeck Trio
01 St. Louis Blues
02 One Moment Worth Years
03 Swanee River
04 La Paloma Azul
05 Someday My Prince Will Come
06 Take the A Train

By MARowe