Since 1977, Def Leppard has consistently surprised the Rock arena with their strong set of music, all eleven studio albums full. Their first album released in 1980 to plenty of airplay in the UK and developing fanfare in the US. By 1983, Pyromania pushed Def Leppard into the high sky regions with sales of around 10 million in the US alone.

On May 27, Def Leppard returns with their 12th album, Diamond Star Halos (a title nod to a lyric from T. Rex’s tune, “Bang a Gong (Get It On)”). The new album will contain 15 new songs, one of which has been released as a single – “Kick” (heard below).

Diamond Star Halos will be release on CD, DD, CS, and several editions of vinyl that will include Clear vinyl 2LP, standard Black vinyl 2LP, and a single LP picture disc. (Order here).

Diamond Star HalosDef Leppard
01 Take What You Want
02 Kick
03 Fire It Up
04 This Guitar [feat. Alison Krauss]
05 SOS Emergency
06 Liquid Dust
07 U Rok Mi
08 Goodbye For Good This Time
09 All We Need
10 Open Your Eyes
11 Gimme A Kiss
12 Angels (Can’t Help You Now)
13 Lifeless [feat. Alison Krauss]
14 Unbreakable
15 From Here To Eternity

By MARowe