One of the new bands emerging in the changing music of the latter ’70s was the Patti Smith Group. Fronted by poet/songwriter, Patti Smith, the band hit the top of the charts with the seminal album, Horses. Released in 1975, the album helped to win and direct a new generation of fans. Patti Smith released Radio Ethiopia in 1976 before her strong chart showing with Easter in 1978.

On April 8, Live In Washington, DC ’76 will be released on 2CD and DD featuring a small two-session showcase at The Cellar Door in Washington, DC on January 16, 1976. Both shows were recorded for the popular FM staple live set called The King Biscuit Flower Hour. The set represents the Horses album and explores a few new songs from her then upcoming Radio Ethiopia album. 

For this new 2CD set, these shows have been newly remastered with a booklet with notes and collected photos. As a document of the time, this live album should be quite an addition. A radio interview is included.

Live In Washington DC ’76Patti Smith

CD1 (Early Show)
01 Real Good Time Together
02 Privilege/Set Me Free
03 Ain’t It Strange
04 Kimberly
05 Redondo Beach
06 Bad Joke Banter
07 Free Money
08 Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie
09 Pumping (My Heart)
10 Birdland
11 Gloria
12 (Encore) My Generation (John Cale on bass)

CD2 (Late Show)
01 Spanish Town
02 Real Good Time Together/Slavery
03 Privilege/Set Me Free
04 Ain’t It Strange
05 Kimberly
06 Redondo Beach
07 Free Money
08 Pale Blue Eyes/Louie Louie
09 Pumping (My Heart)
10 Jolene
11 Monologue/Birdland
12 Horses/Land Of A Thousand Dances/La Mer (De)/Gloria
13 My Generation
14 Interview (Sveriges Radio 1976).

By MARowe