Daft Punk, a popular duo with their foundation in electronica, have made recorded music since 1997 with their first album, Homework. Right out if the gate, Homework sold well eventually logging in over two million units sold worldwide. After, they delivered three more top-selling albums, their last in 2013 with Random Access Memories. It acheived number one on the charts worldwide.

On April 15, Homework will reissue as a 2LP Box set called Homework – 25th Anniversary Edition. The first LP will contain the original album, while the 2nd LP will add in 15 remixes, some not previously released. The 25th Anniversary Edition of Homework is already available as a DD.

Homework (25th Anniversary Edition) – Daft Punk

LP1 (Original Album)
01 Daftendirekt
02 WDPK 83.7 FM
03 Revolution 909
04 Da Funk
05 Phoenix
06 Fresh
07 Around The World
08 Rollin’ & Scratchin’
09 Teachers
10 High Fidelity
11 Rock’n Roll
12 Oh Yeah
13 Burnin’
14 Indo Silver Club
15 Alive
16 Funk Ad

LP2 (Homework Remixes)
01 Around The World (I:Cube remix)
02 Revolution 909 (Roger Sanchez & Junior Sanchez Remix)
03 Around the World (Tee’s Frozen Sun Mix)
04 Around the World (Mellow Mix)
05 Burnin’ (DJ Sneak Main Mix)
06 Around the World (Kenlou Mix)
07 Burnin’ Ian Pooley cut up mix
08 Around The World Motorbass Vice Mix
09 Around The World (M.A.W. Remix)
10 Burnin’ (Slam mix)
11 Around The World (Original Lead Only)
12 Burnin’ (DJ Sneak Mongowarrier Mix)
13 Around The World (Raw Dub)
14 Teachers (extended mix)
15 Revolution 909 (Revolution A Capella)

By MARowe