Aerosmith came into public consciousness with the single, “Dream On”, primarily via Top 40 AM radio. It proved to be the right glue for the band that went on to deliver 15 albums with two different emergent periods. All in all, Aerosmith has done well.

Back in November during Record Store Day, Aerosmith released the archival collection of pre-Columbia days that contained 7 tracks including early versions of “Mama Kin”. “Walkin’ the Dog”, and “Dream On”. It was well-receoived and is now decided to join the ranks of CD and DD alongside its limited LP and Cassette issue.

On April 8, Aerosmith will re-release the archival collection called The Road Starts Hear that featured a 1971 rehearsal pre-label recording. The album is The Road Starts Hear. Like the previous RSD release, the album will contain 8 tracks, all recorded on a reel-to-reel deck about a year before their Columbia Records signing. 

The Road Starts Hear will be a Record Store Day Black Friday release on vinyl LP (10,000 copies) and limited edition cassette (2000 copies). It’s likely to get a CD issue eventually. The original release offered an early listen to “Movin’ Out”. Since, another track is available for pre-release – “Somebody” and can be heard below.

The Road Starts HearAerosmith
01 Intro – Somebody
02 Reefer Headed Woman
03 Walkin’ The Dog
04 Movin’ Out
05 Major Barbara
06 Dream On
07 Mama Kin

By MARowe