Marc Bolan, or as you may remember him best as – T. Rex gave Glam Rock in the ’70s a super-charged bump with the release of the band’s classic album, Electric Warrior. Issued in 1972, the album gave us T. Rex‘s best-known song, “Bang A Gong (Get It On)” Although Bolan recorded 5 previous albums, four as Tyrannosaurus Rex (before shortening to T. Rex). His partner in the band was Mickey Finn, who stayed for much of the music created. All the albums are interesting and hold a flame for the band many years after the cessation of T. Rex.

On April 22, Edsel Records (UK) will release an expansive collection of music from the height of T. Rex in 1972. The set is called simply 1972 and will contain 5 CDs. On those CDs will be The Slider album, Live At Wembley: The Matinee Show, Born To Boogie (The Soundtrack album), 1972 US Radio Sessions, T. Rex On The BBC in 1972, as well as a collection of A and B-sides from 1972. This makes 1972 a definitive breakdown of a year in the band’s existence. It’s an encyclopedic form that I’d love to see continue with T. Rex as well as other bands.

The 5CD and 6LP Boxes will house a booklet with previously unseen photos, and new notes and an essay. The Box is a lift-off top set. The 5CD Box will have a 44-page booklet, the 6LP Box a 28-page 12″ x 12″ booklet. There are official Tony Visconti-signed prints 5CD editions as well.

1972 will be released in a 5CD Box, a limited edition 6LP vinyl box (1000 copies) featuring 180g-weight color vinyl, and DD.

1972T. Rex
CD1 (The Slider)
01 Metal Guru
02 Mystic Lady
03 Rock On
04 The Slider
05 Baby Boomerang
06 Spaceball Ricochet
07 Buick Mackane
08 Telegram Sam
09 Rabbit Fighter
10 Baby Strange
11 Ballrooms Of Mars
12 Chariot Choogle
13 Main Man

CD2 (Live At Wembley: The Matinee Show, 2 previously unreleased mixes)
01 Rosko’s Intro [Emperor Rosko]
02 Cadilac
03 Jeepster
04 Baby Strange
04 Spaceball Ricochet
05 Girl
06 Cosmic Dancer
07 Telegram Sam
08 Hot Love
09 Get It On
10 ‘One More Time?’ [Emperor Rosko]
11 Summertime Blues
Alternate Mixes
12 Baby Strange
13 Hot Love

CD3 (Born To Boogie Soundtrack Album)
01 Marc’s Intro (Marc Bolan)
02 Jeepster (T. Rex)
03 Baby Strange (T. Rex)
04 ‘Electric Wind’ [poem] (Marc Bolan)
05 Tutti Frutti (Elton John, Ringo Starr & T. Rex)
06 Children Of The Revolution (Elton John, Ringo Starr & T. Rex)
07 ‘Look To The Left’ (Marc Bolan & Ringo Starr)
08 Spaceball Ricochet (Marc Bolan)
09 ‘Some People Like To Rock’ (Marc Bolan & Ringo Starr)
10 Telegram Sam (T. Rex)
11 ‘Some People Like To Roll’ (Marc Bolan & Ringo Starr)
12 Cosmic Dancer (Marc Bolan & Mickey Finn)
13 ‘They’ve Come, Tis Said’ (Geoffrey Bayldon)
14 Tea Party Medley: Jeepster / Hot Love / Get It On / The Slider (Marc Bolan & String Quartet)
15 ‘Union Hall’ (Geoffrey Bayldon)
16 Hot Love (T. Rex)
17 Get It On (T. Rex)
18 Chariot Choogle [soundtrack mix of studio recording] (T. Rex)
19 Marc’s Outro (Marc Bolan)
20 Children Of The Revolution [strings reprise]

CD4 (1972 US Radio Sessions)
01 Spaceball Ricochet
02 Jeepster
03 Cosmic Dancer
04 Main Man
05 Ballrooms Of Mars
06 Mystic Lady
07 Girl
08 Baby Strange
09 Left Hand Luke
10 The Slider
11 Spaceball Ricochet

CD5 (T. Rex On The BBC – 1972, A and B-sides – 1972, “Christmas Record” FlexiDisc Audio – 1972)
01 Metal Guru
02 The Slider
03 Mystic Lady
04 Rock On
05 Main Man
06 Children Of The Revolution
07 Solid Gold Easy Action
08 Telegram Sam [Christmas Top Of The Pops]*
09 Cadilac
10 Thunderwing
11 Lady
12 Children Of The Revolution
13 Jitterbug Love
14 Sunken Rags
15 Solid Gold Easy Action
16 Xmas Riff – Born To Boogie
17 T. Rex Fan Club 1972 “Christmas Record” Flexi Disc

By MARowe