Earlier this year, BJ Thomas passed away leaving a “somebody done somebody wrong” kind of vibe among his fans. But his legacy rests on a treasure of albums and popular hits. His career shot off with the Number 1 song from the 1969 Paul Newman/Robert Redford movie Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”, making him a household name. There is a wealth of ‘best of’ collections out in the marketplace. But a well-assembled collection never hurts, especially one with a few previously unreleased songs included.

On February 4, Real Gone Music will release a new B.J. Thomas set,  In Remembrance: Love Songs & Lost Treasures. It will consist of 18 tracks, 13 of which are previously unreleased. A remake of “Rock and Roll Lullaby” is included in this package. Our favorite friend, Joe Marchese of The Second Disc website and The Second Disc Records has prepared the liner notes for the release.

BJ Thomas – we surely do miss you.

In Remembrance: Love Songs & Lost TreasuresB.J. Thomas
01 Expression of Faith
02 Meet Me at My Heart*
03 The Best Things in Life*
04 When the Hero Dies*
05 Rock and Roll Lullaby*
06 I Like Livin’*
07 Red Letter Days
08 This Ain’t a Song (It’s a Prayer)
09 Hands on Me Again
10 That’s the Thing About Love*
11 No One Else on Earth*
12 Memory in the Making*
13 When a Woman Talks*
14 Think About Me*
15 Our Younger Hearts*
16 Love by Any Name*
17 The Wings of a Dove*
18 America the Beautiful

* Previously Unreleased

By MARowe