Todd Rundgren left behind an indelible mark during his rise with Nazz, Utopia, and a rich solo career. More than that, Todd Rundgren sat behind the boards for several classic albums that included albums by Grand Funk Railroad, Badfinger,The Tubes, and the memorable New York Dolls’ debut in 1973. Todd Rundgren released more than 35 albums combined. One of them was the excellent Something/Anything? in 1972. That album yielded two big hits with “I Saw The Light”, and “Hello, It’s Me” giving the artist a strong leg up on the rest of his career. With 2022 around the corner, there is hope for a 50th Anniversary Edition.

On February 1, a string of notable artists will release a tribute album for Something/Anything? to pay respect to Todd Rundgren and to celebrate the milestone of Something/Anything?. The 29 track set will be called Someone/Anyone?. Todd Rundgren approved the project.

Someone/Anyone? (50th Anniversary VA TRibute to Something/Anything?) – Various Artists

01 I Saw The Light (Louise Goffin)
02 It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference (Ken Sharp)
03 Wolfman Jack (Tiny Demons)
04 Cold Morning Light (Probyn Gregory)
05 It Takes Two To Tango (This Is For The Girls) (Nezrok)
06 Sweeter Memories (Geoff Pearlman)
07 Intro (Sounds of The Studio) (Astral Drive)
08 Breathless (Fernando Perdomo and Jordan Rudess)
09 The Night The Carousel Burned Down (Kasim Sulton)
10 Saving Grace (Victor Wainwright and Wildroots)
11 Marlene (Astral Drive)
12 Song Of The Viking (Adrian Bourgeois)
13 I Went To The Mirror (Phil Parlapiano)
14 Black Maria (Rob Bonfiglio, Stan Lynch, and Stephen Dees)
15 One More Day (No Word) (Creamer)
16 Couldn’t I Just Tell You (Marshall Crenshaw)
17 Torch Song (Van Duren)
18 Little Red Lights (James Booth and The Return)
19 Overture: Money/Messin’ With The Kid (The Miami
Beach High School Rock Ensemble and Albert Castiglia
20 Dust In the Wind (Secret Society)
21 Piss Aaron (Dode Prickett and Brian Grace)
22 Hello It’s Me feat. Brent Bourgeois
23 Some Folks Even Whiter Than Me feat. Dave Shulz
24 You Left Me Sore (Intoxicats)
25 Slut (John Powhida Airport)
Bonus Tracks
26 Money (Miami Beach High School Rock Ensemble)
27 Messin’ With The Kid (Albert Castiglia Band)
28 Saving Grace (Adrian Bourgeois)
29 Marlene (Rob Bonfiglio)

By MARowe

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  1. Wow. Thisbisngoing to be amazing. A tribute to one of the greatest albums ever. And Kasim singing Carousel. Just perfect. Ordering now

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