Motörhead, the three-member UK hard rock band with Lemmy Kilmister at the front has enjoyed a lot of love from fans worldwide. Recently, their classic albums have been getting the hard as nails 40th Anniversary love as well with extravagant large-scale package sets. Formed in 1975, Motörhead released 23 studio sets and the highly appreciated No Sleep Til Hammersmith live album. And they’ve enjoyed their fair share of compilation sets as well.

On October 29, Motörhead will be appreciated yet again with a 2CD-filled collection that will span their entire career with 42 tracks from over 40 years of music. The set is being called Everything Louder Forever (The Very Best Of). The set will be issued on 2CD, DD, and 2LP (with 22 tracks), 4LP (all 42 tracks) industry black vinyl packages. The vinyl LP sets will be packaged in gatefold (2LP) and deluxe fold (4LP) jackets. A booklet is included.

Everything Louder Forever (The Very Best Of)Motörhead

01 Overkill
02 We Are Motorhead
03 Snaggletooth
04 Rock It
05 Orgasmatron
06 Brotherhood Of Man
07 In The Name Of Tragedy
08 Bomber
09 Sacrifice
10 The Thousand Names Of God
11 Love For Sale
12 Killed By Death
13 I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)
14 Smiling Like A Killer
15 Sharpshooter
16 Queen Of The Damned
17 Keys To The Kingdom
18 Cradle To The Grave
19 Lost Johnny
20 The Game

21 Ace Of Spades (40th Anniversary Master)
22 Burner
23 Stone Dead Forever
24 Bad Woman
25 Just Cos You Got The Power
26 Stay Out Of Jail
27 No Class
28 I Am The Sword
29 The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
30 God Save The Queen
31 R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (2006 Version)
32 Iron Fist
33 Rock Out
34 Dirty Love
35 Shine
36 Overnight Sensation
37 On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
38 I Ain’t No Nice Guy
39 Sucker
40 1916
41 Choking On Your Screams
42 Motorhead

2LP Edition Track List

Side A
We Are Motorhead
Rock It
Iron Fist
Side B
In The Name Of Tragedy
Cradle To The Grave
On Your Feet Or On Your Knees
The Game

Side A
Killed By Death
Just Cos You Got The Power
Side B
Ace Of Spades
Rock Out
I Am The Sword
God Save The Queen
Queen Of The Damned

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