Vangelis entered the solo market after his time with Aphrodite’s Child in 1972 with the release of his debut set. (I became a fan with the release of his fourth album, Albedo 0.39 [1976].) He scored the classic 1982 film, Blade Runner, and won an Oscar for his mesmerizing score of Chariots of Fire in 1981. Since then, he has been extremely busy with a catalog of 20 solo works, and a massive amount of collaboration work.

On September 24, Vangelis will release his newest album, Juno To Jupiter, which will contain 22 new compositions. A single has been released in front of the album’s release. It’s called “In The Magic Of Cosmos” and can be heard below.

Juno To Jupiter will be available via Decca on CD, a CD Box set, DD, limited edition black vinyl 2LP (scheduled for February 4 of 2022), and an all-inclusive Box with 2LP, CD, a 172-page hardbound book related to the project, and a collectible lenticular bookmark. This Special Edition box is scheduled for June 24 of 2022. Pre-order link is here.

Juno To JupiterVangelis
01 Atlas’ Push
02 Spoken Word samples from NASA
03 Inside Our Perspectives
04 Out In Space
05 Juno’s Quiet Determination
06 Jupiter’s Intuition
07 Juno’s Power
08 Space’s Mystery Road
09 In The Magic Of Cosmos
10 Juno’s Tender Call
11 Angela Gheorghiu, soprano, as Juno
12 Juno’s Echoes
13 Juno’s Ethereal Breeze
14 Jupiter’s Veil of Clouds
15 Hera/Juno Queen Of Gods
16 Angela Gheorghiu, soprano, as Juno
17 Zeus Almighty
18 Jupiter Rex
19 Juno’s Accomplishments
20 Angela Gheorghiu, soprano, as Juno
21 Apo 22
22 In Serenitatem

By MARowe