Heartless Bastards is a band with an origin beginning in Cincinnati, OH, and is presently based in Austin, TX. With a little help from The Black Keys, Erika Wennerstrom, who is the main conduit of the band, took the reigns and have since moved Heartless Bastards from a regional interest to a worldwide audience. Heartless Bastards released their debut, Stairs and Elevators back in 2005. They’ve released five studio albums (and one solo album from Erika Wennerstrom), their last in 2015. 


On September 10, after a lengthy 6-year hiatus, Heartless Bastards will release their latest album, A Beautiful Life. The new album will feature eleven new tracks including the previously released single, “Revolution”, and the new single, “How Low”.(hear both tracks below).  A Beautiful Life is planned to be issued on CD (a standard and a signed edition), DD, and several vinyl 2LP sets that include 300 copies of a hand-poured neon pink and orange-colored vinyl (each LP will present a unique display of the neon pink and orange vinyl due to the hand-pour – the signed edition of this color set is already sold out), neon pink-colored vinyl, also featuring an Erika Wennerstrom signature edition. A wealth of bundles that include an “all-in” CD, two 2LP editions, DD, a limited edition silk-screen poster, an imprint beach towel, “space shirt”, a rainbow tumbler, canvas tote, and a “space trucker” cap. There are smaller bundles offered. (Go here to order any version of A Beautiful Life.)

A Beautiful Life is being handled via Sweet Unknown Records, the personal band label.

A Beautiful LifeHeartless Bastards
01 Revolution
02 How Low
03 You Never Know
04 When I Was Younger
05 The River
06 Photograph
07 A Beautiful Life
08 Dust
09 Went Around The World
10 It Doesn’t Matter Now
11 The Thinker

By MARowe