Caroline Shaw is an interesting musician with a Masters in violin from Princeton University. She has attended Rice, Yale, and Princeton Universities for her expansion of mind and self-improvement. With these building blocks, her personal solo musical career is abstract and experimental. She moves between the elective of sound and personal philosophies, embroidering them into an interesting offering. Based in NYC, Caroline Shaw currently teaches in NYU, and is an associate at Juilliard School. That’s impressive work and study.

On June 25, Nonesuch Records will deliver an album of variabilities with her newest album, Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part. This new album, her third, will contain ten new songs created with Sō Percussion. The songs explore different ideas ranging from interests in James Joyce, the Sacred Harp hymn book, a poem by Anne Carson, the Bible’s Book of Ruth, the American roots tune (of) “I’ll Fly Away,” and the pop perfection of ABBA in “Lay All your Love On Me”. For my opinion, and while I highly respect the work of Caroline Shaw, she feels to me a new coming of Laurie Anderson. Caroline Shaw creates beautiful work, indeed! Her previous albums (Orange – 2019, Grammy winner; Narrow Sea – 2021) are excellent. currently, three songs from the upcoming album are in release (“To The Sky”, “Other Song”, “Let The Soil Play Its Part” – hear below).

Sō Percussion is made up of Eric Cha-Beach, Josh Quillen, Adam Sliwinski, and Jason Treuting. Their accompaniment and contributions to Let The Soil Play Its Simple Part are astounding and memorable.

Let The Soil Play Its Simple Part will be issued on CD, DD, and clear vinyl LP. Each physical format pre-ordered will come with a seed packet. 

Expand yourselves!!

Let The Soil Play Its Simple PartCaroline Shaw + Sō Percussion
01 To The Sky
02 Other Song
03 Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part
04 The Flood Is Following Me
05 Lay All Your Love On Me
06 Cast The Bells In Sand
07 Long Ago We Counted
08 A Gradual Dazzle
09 A Veil Awave On The Waves
10 Some Bright Morning

By MARowe