Fans of Neil Young with deep pockets will appreciate another yet NY release in an already crowded Neil Young basket. This time, there is a massive 4LP/2CD/DVD Deluxe edition expected of an issue of a 1990 Neil Young with Crazy Horse show at a small venue (The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA). The three sets lasted over three hours.

2CD Cover

On February 26, Neil Young‘s long-running label, Reprise Records, will release the concert show as Way Down In The Rust Bucket. The offering will showcase 19 live performance tracks on the LPs and CDs, but will raise the ante with an addition 13+minute track for the DVD (“Cowgirl In The Sand”).

2CD/DVD/4LP Deluxe Edition and 4LP Cover

Way Down In The Rust Bucket will be offered in the previously mentioned 4LP/2CD/DVD Deluxe package, but will also be made available on 2CD, and 4LP. DD and Hi-Resolution DD are also offerings. The cover for the 2CD set is different than the Deluxe Edition 4LP/2CD/DVD Box, and the 4LP set.

(Unfortunately, the track-list split between CDs and LPs are strangely not provided.)

Way Down In The Rust Bucket (CD, LP, and DVD) – Neil Young with Crazy Horse

01 Country Home
02 Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleaze
03 Love to Burn
04 Days That Used to Be
05 Bite the Bullet
06 Cinnamon Girl
07 Farmer John
08 Cowgirl In The Sand (DVD ONLY)
09 Over and Over
10 Danger Bird
11 Don’t Cry No Tears
12 Sedan Delivery
13 Roll Another Number (For the Road)
14 Fuckin’ Up
15 T-Bone
16 Homegrown
17 Mansion on the Hill
18 Like a Hurricane
19 Love and Only Love
20 Cortez the Killer

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