Since 1971, with the release of their best-selling debut, and with the follow-up of five more best-selling classic albums, and their 1973 OMPS to the Superfly sequel, Superfly T.N.T., Osibisa has charmed a fanbase of world music lovers with their brilliant music. Overall, Osibisa has released a total of 17 studio albums, and a magnificent collection of live sets that includes Black Magic Night (1977). Osibisa are also notable for their Roger Dean-designed covers for several beautiful releases.

On April 23, Osibisa returns with a brand new studio work, New Dawn. This version of Osibisa isn’t emasculated as it has the lineup of original members, Teddy Osei, and Robert Bailey, shored up with the long-time member, Gregg Kofi Brown, and some great musicians to build the rest of Osibisa.

New Dawn, which is being released via Marquee Records, will feature 14 new tracks. It will release on CD and DD.

New DawnOsibisa

01 Kpanlogo Chant (Are You Ready)
02 Adjuwa Aye (Go With The Flow)
03 Douala
04 Paper Dey Burn
05 No Fit 4 Street
06 Yen Kita Yen Sa
07 O Brunye
08 Yo Love Is Betta (featuring Ssue)
09 Lift Your Head Up
10 Ata Y Che
11 Dark Matter
12 Wake Up (featuring Wainey Bee)
13 Boni Wo Yu A
14 Big Problems

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