Before the Nirvana trio of the ’90s arrived with Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl, there were a British band from the mid-60s that used the same name. Essentially the music of two, Nirvana (UK) released five albums in their beginning era, which lasted through 1973 (1971 as an intact duo). Nirvana disbanded and rejoined in 1985  (The Cobain-led Nirvana was sued in court over the use of the name; a settlement was procured.) The UK Nirvana enjoyed notable success in the UK with a charted single, “Rainbow Chaser”. The band contributed to the strengthening Psychedelic movement in the ’60s. 

On February 26, 2021, Madfish Records (who know how to assemble a box set!), will release a 6LP vinyl box set that contains the band’s first five albums that include The Story of Simon Simopath (1967), All Of Us (1968), Dedicated To Markos III [Black Flower] (1970), Local Anaesthetic (1971), the hits package, Songs of Love and Praise (1972), and a previously unreleased album, Secrets (1972). For this box, all albums have been freshly remastered, four of them from original 1/4″ tapes.

The Box Set is being called Songlife: The Vinyl Box Set 1967-1972. Inside, a 52-page book with new liner notes, photos, credits, interviews, other memorabilia, and a complete discography of the band. There will be a previously unseen photo session within. Songlife will be limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Each copy will be signed by original band members, Alex Spyrospoulos, and Patrick Campbell-Lyons.

You can hear “Pentecost Hotel” from Nirvana‘s first album below.

Songlife: The Vinyl Box Set 1967-1972Nirvana (UK)

LP1 (The Story of Simon Simopath)
Side A
Act I
01 Wings Of Love
02 Lonely Boy
03 We Can Help You
04 Satellite Jockey
05 In The Courtyard Of The Stars
Side B
Act II
01 You Are Just The One
02 Pentecost Hotel
03 I Never Had A Love Like This Before
04 Take This Hand
05 1999

LP2 (All Of Us)
Side A
01 Rainbow Chaser
02 Tiny Goddess
03 The Touchables (All Of Us)
04 Melanie Blue
05 Trapeze
06 The Show Must Go On
Side B
01 Girl In The Park
02 Miami Masquerade
03 Frankie The Great
04 You Can Try It
05 Everybody Loves The Clown
06 St. John’s Wood Affair

LP3 (Dedicated To Markos III [Black Flower])
Side A
01 The World Is Cold Without You
02 Excerpt From “The Blind & The Beautiful”
03 I Talk To My Room
04 Christopher Lucifer
05 Aline Cherie
Side B
01 Tres, Tres Bien
02 It Happened Two Sundays Ago
03 Black Flower
04 Love Suite
05 Illinois

LP4 (Local Anaesthetic)
Side A
01 Modus Operandi (Method Of Work)
Side B
01 Home
– Salutation
– Construction
– Destruction
– Re-Construction
– Fanfare

LP5 (Songs of Love And Hate)
Side A
01 Rainbow Chaser
02 Please Believe Me
03 Lord Up Above
04 She’s Lost It
05 Nova Sketch
Side B
01 Pentecost Hotel
02 I Need Your Love Tonight
03 Will There Be Me
04 Stadium

LP6 (Secrets [Previously Unreleased])
Side A
01 Secrets (Intro)
02 I Don’t Care
03 Someone Stole My Mona Lisa
04 Bingo Boy
05 Living In A Blind Spot
06 It’s Good To Have A Heart
07 In The Shadow Of That Old Love Affair
Side B
01 I Want To Touch / The Big Fight
02 Two Of A Kind
03 Why Don’t You Like Me
04 Secrets (Reprise)
05 What You Do You Are
06 Freedom Chaser

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