For those that miss the band, Cocteau Twins, it’s always nice for a trickle of fresh water from the CT spout. Simon Raymonde, who keeps himself insanely busy running his successful Bella Union (UK), has slightly twisted the handle and will be releasing a collaborative album with Richie Thomas (Dif Juz) as Lost Horizons. The new album will be a double album and will be issued in two stages. The pair will collaborate with excellent artists including Marissa Nadler, Tim Smith, Porridge Radio, and John Grant.

On December 4, the first part of the new album, called In Quiet Moments, will be released with 8 tracks. The second part will follow a few months later on February 26 with 8 more songs. The In Quiet Moments album will be issued via Raymonde’s Bella Union label. In Quiet Moments will be released on CD, DD, vinyl LP (black, and separately available Green and Blue vinyl presses).

No, it’s not Cocteau Twins. But it is good dream pop!

You can hear “Cordelia” (with John Grant) below.

In Quiet MomentsLost Horizons

Part 1
01 Halcyon (with Penelope Isles)
02 I Woke Up With an Open Heart (with The Hempolics)
03 Grey Tower (with Tim Smith)
04 Linger (with Gemma Dunleavy)
05 One for Regret (with Porridge Radio)
06 Every Beat That Passed (with Kavi Kwai)
07 Nobody Knows My Name (with Cameron Neal)
08 Cordelia (with John Grant)

Part 2
01 In Quiet Moments (with Ural Thomas)
02 Circle (with C Duncan)
03 Unravelling in Slow Motion (with Ren Harvieu)
04  Blue Soul (with Laura Groves)
05  Flutter (with Rosie Blair)
06 Marie (with Marissa Nadler)
07 Heart of a Hummingbird (with KookieLou)
08 This Is the Weather (with Karen Peris)


By MARowe