Brooklyn, NYC is home to one of the classic bands from the late ’60s. The band known as Mandrill was/is a Funk/Salsa/Blues/Rock band that gave Rock over ten albums to their name. These days, Carlos and Ric Wilson remain in the musically explosive lineup (brother Lou Wilson passed in 2013). With energy remaining, the Wilson Brothers return with a new Mandrill album.

On October 30, SPV will release Back In Town. The album will contain 12 new songs. Back In Town will be made available on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. How exciting to have them back.

Back In TownMandrill

01 Tribute to Ali
02 Ape‘s Back In Town
03 Old Fashion Dance
04 Summer In The City
05 Children Of The World
06 Gift Of Life
07 Mandrill Got Da Funk
08 Sunshine
09 Black Wings
10 Old Fashion Dance (Unedited)
11 OFD (Instrumental)
12 OFD (Bring Your Body)

By MARowe