AS short as the career of The Stooges was, they still produced an explosive period of time that remains memorable. Iggy Pop found resurrection with David Bowie, and therefore enjoyed a long-lasting solo career that still produces to this day. But when Iggy and The Stooges played together, there was Rock ‘n Roll power.

On November 20, Cherry Red UK revisits the Raw Power tour, supporting their 1973 album, with a 5CD collection of five shows from that 1973/1974 tour. This includes the final show played in Detroit in 1974.

The set is called You Think You’re Bad, Man? The Road Tapes ’73-’74. The shows include sets from Detroit, LA, Baltimore, and NYC, the essence captured over 43 performance tracks. The included booklet contains photos, liner notes, and credits. CDs are sleeved in representative covers.

All of these shows have been previously released as bootlegs.

You Think You’re Bad, Man? The Road Tapes ’73-’74Iggy and the Stooges

CD1 (Live at The Whiskey – LA, September 16, 1973)
01 Raw Power
02 Head On
03 Search and Destroy
04 I Need Somebody
05 New Orleans
06 She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills
07 Open Up and Bleed
08 Gimme Danger

CD2 (Live at Auburn Hill – Detroit, March 27, 1973)
01 Raw Power
02 Head On
03 Rant #1
04 Gimme Danger
05 Search and Destroy
06 Rantt #2
07 Heavy Liquid
08 Rant #3
09 Open Up and Bleed

CD3 (Live at The Latin Casino, Baltimore – Double Danger Volume 1 – November 1973)
01 Raw Power
02 Head On
03 Gimme Danger
04 Rich Bitch
05 Wet My Bed
06 I Go Nothin’
07 Search and Destroy
08 Cock In My Pocket
09 I Need Somebody
10 Heavy Liquid
11 Open Up and Bleed

CD4 (Live at NY Academy of Music – NYC – Double Danger Volume 2 – December 31, 1973)
01 Raw Power
02 Rich Bitch
03 Wet My Bed
04 I Got Nothin’
05 Cock In My Pocket
06 Search and Destroy
07 Gimme Danger
08 Heavy Liquid

CD5 (Metallic KO Final Show – Live at Michigan Palace of Auburn Hills (Detroit) February 9, 1974)
01 Heavy Liquid
02 I  Got Nothin’
03 Rich Bitch
04 Gimme Danger
05 Cock In My Pocket
06 Louie Louie

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