The name of Brian Eno is a vault filled with creativity, finished works, and the welcomed assistance on many classic albums in release by other bands. We’re a lucky audience to have him involved. After his storied stint with Roxy Music, Eno explored sound and music in novel ways, ways that set him apart from most. His classic soundscapes were listened to in his EG albums that include music expressed for film, airports, and other things. Over decades, we have a legacy of music from him.


On November 13, Brian Eno will release a 17-track collection of choice soundtrack music from decades of great compositions bearing the Eno name. The collection is being called Film Music 1976-2020. It will provide original tracks from a variety of films that Eno composed for including the movies, The Lovely Bones, Dune, Heat, and the UK series, Top Boy. 


Film Music 1976-2020 will be issued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Film Music 1976-2020Brian Eno

01 Top Boy ( Theme ) (from Top Boy – Season 1) [Previously Unreleased] 
02 Ship in A Bottle (from The Lovely Bones) [Previously Unreleased]
03 Bplood Red (from Francis Bacon’s Arena) [Previously Unreleased]
04 Under (from Cool World)
05 Decline and Fall (from O Nome da Morte) [Previously Unreleased]
06 Prophecy Theme (from Dune) 
07 Reasonable Question (from We Are As Gods) [Previously Unreleased]
08 Late Evening in Jersey (from Heat)
09 Beach Sequence (from Beyond The Clouds)
10 You Don’t Miss Your Water (from Married to the Mob)
11 Deep Blue Day (from Trainspotting)
12 The Sombre (from Top Boy Season 2) [Previously Unreleased]
13 Dover Beach (from Jubilee)
14 Design as Reduction  (from RAMS)
15 Undersea Steps  (from Natural World – Hammerhead) (Previously Unreleased)
16 Final Sunset (from Sebastiane)
17 An Ending ( Ascent ) [from For All Mankind]

By MARowe