The ’70s in NYC were – quite simply –  an unmatched musical phenomenon. While many of the bands developed a following and varying amounts of fame (Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Television, Talking Heads, Ramones, etc.), there were some legendary performers that were popular…but only within the boundaries of the locations played in. One of those was Wayne County (now known as Jayne County). The band was known as The Electric Chairs. Wayne County and The Electric Chairs released three studio albums and one live set on the Safari label from 1978-1980.

On October 23, Cherry Red Records (via sub-label Captain Oi!) will issue a 4CD set that will gather the band’s three Safari Records albums, and include a fourth CD, Rock ‘n Roll Resurrection – In Concert (1980) that charted on the Indies. All together there are 54 tracks in the package.

The Safari Years will provide an additional collection of bonus tracks from each album. An informative booklet welcomely rounds out the 4CD to provide a journey into the unknown world of Wayne County & The Electric Chairs.

The Safari YearsWayne County & The Electric Chairs

CD1 (The Electric Chairs [1978])

01 Eddie & Sheena
02 Bad In Bed
03 Hot Blood
04 Worry Wart
05 28 Model T
06 Out Of Control
07 Max’s Kansas City
08 On The Crest
09 Plain Of Nazca
10 Big Black Window
11 Take It
12 Rock & Roll Resurrection
Bonus Tracks
13 Fuck Off
14 Rock ‘N’ Roll Cleopatra
15 Night Time
16 Toilet Love
17 Mean Mutha Fuckin’ Man
Monitor Mixes
18 Out Of Control
19 Worry Wart
20 Rock & Roll Resurrection

CD2 (Storm The Gates Of Heaven [1978])

01 Storm The Gates Of Heaven
02 Cry Of Angels
03 Speed Demon
04 Mr. Normal
05 Man Enough To Be A Woman
06 Trying To Get On The Radio
07 I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
08 Tomorrow Is Another Day
Bonus Tracks (Non-LP)
09 It Ain’t How Much You Got
10 Evil Minded Momma

CD3 (Things Your Mother Never Told You [1979])

01 Wonder Woman
02 Wall City Girl
03 Boy With The Stolen Face
04 Un-Con-Troll-Able
05 Things (Your Mother Never Told You)
06 Berlin
07 C3
08 Midnight Pal
09 Waiting For The Marines
10 Think Straight
Bonus Tracks (Non-LP)
11 Berlin (Extended)
12 So Many Ways
13 J’attends Les Marines
John Peel Session – June 18, 1979
14 Midnight Pal
15 C.4.
16 Berlin
17 Waiting For The Marines

CD4 (Rock ‘n Roll ResurrectionIn Concert (as Jayne County) [1980])

01 Night Time
02 Rock ‘N’ Roll Cleopatra
03 Are You A Boy?
04 Bad In Bed
05 Hanky Panky
06 Rock ‘N’ Roll Resurrection
07 Fucked By The Devil
08 Cream In My Jeans
09 Stuck On You
10 Fuck Off

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