Y’all know Robert Plant. The singer and co-lyricist for one of the great bands of Rock and Roll history, Led Zeppelin, will have a career-spanning collection of Robert Plant solo works coming soon. The selections will include three previously unreleased songs among its expansive 30 tracks culled from 11 solo albums, all spread across 2CDs.

On October 2, Es Paranza Records (Plan’s boutique label) via Rhino Records, will release Digging Deep: Subterranea. Thus far, it issues on CD and DD.

Digging Deep: SubterraneaRobert Plant  

01 Rainbow
02 Hurting Kind
03 Shine It All Around
04 Ship of Fools
05 Nothing Takes the Place of You *
06 Darkness, Darkness
07 Heaven Knows
08 In the Mood
09 Charlie Patton Highway (Turn It Up – Part 1) *
10 New World
11 Like I’ve Never Been Gone
12 I Believe
13 Dance with You Tonight
14 Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
15 Great Spirit (Acoustic)

01 Angel Dance
02 Takamba
03 Anniversary
04 Wreckless Love
05 White Clean & Neat
06 Silver Rider
07 Fat Lip
08 29 Palms
09 Last Time I Saw Her
10 Embrace Another Fall
11 Too Much Alike (Feat. Patty Griffin) *
12 Big Log
13 Falling in Love Again
14 Memory Song (Hello Hello)
15 Promised Land

*Previously Unreleased Songs

By MARowe

One thought on “Robert Plant Gets 30-Track Collection, Digging Deep: Subterranea”
  1. I think it’s missing a few good tunes…No “BIG LONG”….No “Hurtin’ Kind”…but it looks to be a pretty good set.

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