For more than a few years, Paul McCartney has been slowly updating his catalog with sound upgrades, and added content to create enduring Super Deluxe editions. While there are a few more titles to get through, this next up belongs to Flaming Pie. Flaming Pie was originally released in 1997. This album is far past the height of his album release days, but appeals to many fans regardless. And its upgrade time is now.

On July 31, Universal will release several versions of Flaming Pie that includes a massive 5CD/2DVD Box. Inside that box will be a wealth of extra material including a stuffed 128-page book, memorabilia, and of course, remastered originals and bonus tracks – 32 of them.

Flaming Pie will also be issued in a 2CD package, DD, 2LP (180g-weight), and a limited edition 3LP (180g-weight) package. The 96kHz/24-bit HD tracks are downloadable as part of the package.

Flaming Pie (Super Deluxe Package) – Paul McCartney

CD1  (Flaming Pie Original Tracks -Remastered)

01 The Song We Were Singing
02 The World Tonight
03 If You Wanna
04 Somedays
05 Young Boy
06 Calico Skies
07 Flaming Pie
08 Heaven On A Sunday
09 Used To Be Bad
10 Souvenir
11 Little Willow
12 Really Love You
13 Beautiful Night
14 Great Day

CD2 (Bonus Tracks)
Home Recordings/Demos
01 The Song We Were Singing *
02 The World Tonight *
03 If You Wanna *
04 Somedays *
05 Young Boy *
06 Calico Skies *
07 Flaming Pie *
08 Souvenir *
09 Little Willow *
10 Beautiful Night (1995 Demo) *
11 Great Day *

CD3 (Bonus Studio Tracks)
01 Great Day (Acoustic) *
02 Calico Skies (Acoustic) *
03 C’mon Down C’mon Baby *
04 If You Wanna (Demo)
05 Beautiful Night (Run Through) *
06 The Song We Were Singing (Rough Mix)
07 The World Tonight (Rough Mix)
08 Little Willow (Rough Mix)
09 Whole Life (Rough Mix) *
10 Heaven On A Sunday (Rude Cassette) *

CD4 (Flaming Pies)
01 The Ballad Of The Skeletons
02 Looking For You *
03 Broomstick *
04 Love Come Tumbling Down *
05 Same Love *
06 Oobu Joobu Part 1
07 Oobu Joobu Part 2
08 Oobu Joobu Part 3
09 Oobu Joobu Part 4
10 Oobu Joobu Part 5
11 Oobu Joobu Part 6

CD5 (Flaming Pie At The Mill)

In The World Tonight

01 Beautiful Night
02 Making of Beautiful Night
03 Little Willow
04 The World Tonight version 1 [dir. Alistair Donald)
05 The World Tonight version 2 [dir. Geoff Wonfor)
06 Young Boy version 1 [dir. Alistair Donald]
07 Young Boy version 2 [dir. Geoff Wonfor]
08 Flaming Pie EPK 1
09 Flaming Pie EPK 2
10 In The World Tonight EPK
11 Flaming Pie Album Artwork Meeting
12 TFI Friday Performances
13 David Frost Interview

*Included on CD2 for 2CD Package

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