American Hard Rock became its own behemoth after the passing of the ’70s, when many of the bands gained MTV notoriety. There were many, many high profile rockers throughout the ’80s that owned parts of the airwaves typically given to Pop/New Wave bands. One of those bands was White Lion.

White Lion achieved high standing with the release of their second album, Pride (1987). From it came four successful singles, “Wait”, “Tell Me”, “When The Children Cry”, and “All You Need Is Rock ‘n’ Roll” Over time, several versions of White Lion delivered 8 studio sets. The last White Lion album, Return of the Pride, was released in 2008.

On June 26, Cherry Red will deliver a packaged 5CD box of remastered White Lion album classics that include the first four studio sets (Fight to Survive – 1985, Pride – 1987, Big Game – 1989, Mane Attraction – 1991). and a previously released 1988 live set from The Ritz in NYC, performed on February 11 contained on the fifth CD. There are a few bonus tracks included to round out the promise of the set. The 5CD set is called All You Need Is Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Complete Albums 1985-1991. A booklet completes the package.

All You Need Is Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Complete Albums 1985-1991White Lion

CD1 (Fight To Survive)
01 Broken Heart
02 Cherokee
03 Fight to Survive
04 Where Do We Run
05 In the City
06 All the Fallen Men
07 All Burn in Hell
08 Kid of 1000 Faces
09 El Salvador
10 The Road to Valhalla

CD2 (Pride)
01 Hungry
02 Lonely Nights
03 Don’t Give Up
04 Sweet Little Loving
05 Lady of the Valley
06 Wait
07 All You Need Is Rock N Roll
08 Tell Me
09 All Join Our Hands
10 When the Children Cry
Bonus Tracks
11 Wait (Extended Remix)
12 When the Children Cry (Edit)
13 All You Need Is Rock N Roll (LP Version w/intro edit)
14 All You Need Is Rock N Roll (Short Version)
15 Tell Me (Edit)

CD3 (Big Game)
01 Goin’ Home Tonight
02 Dirty Woman
03 Little Fighter
04 Broken Home
05 Baby Be Mine
06 Living on the Edge
07 Let’s Get Crazy
08 Don’t Say It’s Over
09 If My Mind Is Evil
10 Radar Love
11 Cry for Freedom
Bonus Track
12 Cry for Freedom (Edit)

CD4 (Mane Attraction)
01 Lights and Thunder
02 Broken Heart
03 Leave Me Alone
04 Love Don’t Come Easy
05 You’re All I Need
06 It’s Over
07 Warsong
08 She’s Got Everything
09 Till Death Do Us Part
10 Out with the Boys
11 Blue Monday
12 Farewell to You
Bonus Track
13 Lights & Thunder (Edit)

CD5 (Live at The Ritz – February 11, 1988)
01 Hungry
02 Don’t Give Up
03 Lonely Nights
04 Sweet Little Loving
05 Broken Heart
06 Fight to Survive
07 Tell Me
08 All Join Our Hands
09 Wait
10 Lady of the Valley
11 The Road to Valhalla
12 All You Need Is Rock N Roll
13 When the Children Cry
Bonus Tracks (Live in Rehearsal (1991)
14 Little Fighter
15 When the Children Cry
16 Don’t Give Up

By MARowe