At the emerging period of psychedelia, Vanilla Fudge started with an exemplary debut set that produced the classic track, “You Keep Me Hanging On”. This song was a claim to fame and legitimized the band going forward. Unfortunately, Vanilla Fudge never surpassed their debut in sales or hit singles, although a great cover of Donovan’s “Season of the Witch” was on the band’s second album. By 1970, Vanilla Fudge was finished after five albums.

On May 8, the audio specialists at Mobile Fidelity will do the classic Vanilla Fudge debut proud by reissuing the title on a limited edition 180g-weight 2LP package, newly remastered and pressed at 45RPM. Even better, MoFi will release a limited edition SACD of the album (with a CD layer allowing play in most CD players). The 2LP set is limited to 3000 copies, while the SACD edition is limited to 2000 copies. The sound is in Mono.

Vanilla FudgeVanilla Fudge

01 Ticket to Ride
02 People Get Ready
03 She’s Not There
04 Bang Bang
05 Illusions of My Childhood – Part One
06 You Keep Me Hanging on
07 Illusions of My Childhood – Part Two
08 Take Me for a Little While
09 Illusions of My Childhood – Part Three
10 Illusions of My Childhood – Part Three (Repeat)
11. Eleanor Rigby

By MARowe

5 thoughts on “Vanilla Fudge Gets SACD and 2LP Packages For 1967 Debut”
  1. Hey
    I was so disappointed when I saw this was not in stereo. When it came out in 1967, you had the option of buying it in mono (at $2.99) or splurging for stereo at $3.99. I remember saving up my car wash job money to get it in stereo – and it was MADE to be in stereo – the sound was awesome. This is probably one of the most influential albums of the day – turned Rock music toward a different direction, in the same way that Hendrix and The Beatles did. There would be no Deep Purple without them and they became the biggest band in the world for a short but illustrious time.

    1. Keep in mind that You Keep Me Hanging On was never in stereo. It is in mono even on the stereo LP. It was recorded mono.

  2. Also, Vanilla Fudge is still together. They have released four more albums since the original five, the latest being on 2017.

  3. I received the Vanilla Fudge yesterday. I also have a stereo copy. The mono SACD rules! For me, if an album was recorded in mono then mono is the only way to listen to it. Compare the stereo version of Their Satanic Majesties Requests v. mono. The mono is infinitely superior. Same with MOFI’s Surrealistic Pillow, The doors 1st album, Fresh Cream and The Beatles first 10 albums as well as the Stones original mono recordings. Any exceptions? Yes. MOFI’s Pet Sounds gives the mono version a real run for its money. The Beatles (White Album) sounds good in its remixed for stereo version. I’m sure there are others.

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