Blues Pills is a Swedish band with a load of power and with dynamic vocal range from a fiery female talent. With 2 previous albums, both charting, the band has ably cut a path for rabid fans. They have adorned their two albums with EPs and two excellent live sets. Most fans, myself included, are pleased to know that Blues Pills returns with a brand new album.

In March, Blues Pills announced the upcoming release of their next album, Holy Moly!. At the time, there were no artwork nor were there a tracklisting. All of those are now available.

On June 19, Nuclear Blast will present the new Blues Pills album in a variety of forms including a limited edition with a bonus CD. The bonus CD is Bliss, the band’s 2012 four-track EP (“Bliss”, “Astralplane”, “Devil Man”, “Little Sun”). Both CDs will come in a digibook package. The standard CD issue CD will join DD, and two vinyl editions. One is a limited edition red/gold splatter color vinyl LP housed in a gatefold jacket. The other is a standard black vinyl set.

Listen to the latest single from the new album below!

Holy Moly!Blues Pills

01 Proud Woman
02 Low Road
03 Dreaming My Life Away
04 California
05 Rhythm In The Blood
06 Dust
07 Kiss My Past Goodbye
08 Wish I’d Known
09 Bye Bye Birdy
10 Song From A Mourning Dove
11 Longest Lasting Friend


By MARowe

3 thoughts on “Blues Pills To Release New Album, Holy Moly!”
  1. Cool, they’ve went back to a heavier rock sound. I hope that is indicative of the entire album (I’ll be buying regardless). I wasn’t pleased with the direction they took with “Lady In Gold”. Still love the first one though.

      1. I said I didn’t like the direction they took, but that 2nd album was still one of the best releases of the year for me. I just didn’t like it as much as the 1st. I’m just glad they are still around. It had been so long, I was afraid they’d disbanded.
        I also have to admit I like the “go-go” vibe Ella is sporting in this video. Brings back a lot of memories from the “Laugh-In” era.

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