With the late ’60s and early ’70s came a rush of music innovation with a strong fusion for Jazz and Rock. Because of these explorations and experimentation, several quality and highly revered bands emerged. One of those were a band noted for their funk, jazz, and rock fusion. Mandrill was a NYC band formed and headed by three brothers, Carlos, Lou, and Ric Wilson. Along with four others accomplished musicians, Mandrill released their solid and well-received Polydor debut, the eponymous Mandrill. With ten magnificent tracks (five of them movements of a single song –  “Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi)”), Mandrill made themselves well known for their quality fusion. Their first album was released in 1971.

On May 15, Anagram Music (a division of Polydor Records) will reissue Mandrill. It will be remixed for this release. It will be housed as a mini-LP inside gatefold packaging. 

Mandrill is unmistakable ’70s fusion that still sounds as extraordinary now as it did back in the ’70s when this set climbed into the Top 30 on the charts. If you enjoyed Santana, Malo, Weather Report, Return To Forever, and even Chicago, then this Mandrill album is definitely for you. Listen to “Rollin’ On” below!

Mandrill (2020 reissue) – Mandrill

01 Mandrill
02 Warning Blues
03 Symphonic Revolution
04 Rollin’ On
05 Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi: Movement I (Birth)
06 Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi: Movement I (Now)
07 Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi: Movement I (Time)
08 Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi: Movement I (Encounter)
09 Peace and Love (Amani Na Mapenzi: Movement I (Beginning)
10 Chutney

By MARowe