Jon Hassell is an avant-garde composer and trumpet player best known for his work with many of the great musicians that skirt the norm, even if doing so earned hem widespread praise. Such luminaries as Talking Heads, Brian Eno, Ani DiFranco, and so many others are among his collaborations and assists. But Jon Hassell is also a driving force with a long string of solo albums that help to bring acclaim to his minimalism styles. Jazz in essence, but explorative in practice, Jon Hassell albums, beginning with his enchanting 1977 debut, Vernal Equinox, have set forth his unique Fourth World styles over 17  studio sets. One of those is Fourth World, Vol 1: Possible Musics, a beloved ambient collaboration with Brian Eno on EG Records.

Vernal Equinox was recently reissued on March 20 with a brand new remaster. The included booklet features new notes by Brian Eno, as well as by Jon Hassell himself.

Vernal Equinox (2020 Remaster) – Jon Hassell
01 Toucan Ocean
02 Viva Shona
03 Hex
04 Blues Nile
05 Vernal Equinox
06 Caracas Night, September 11, 1975

By MARowe