Chandeen is a band has its musical roots in Germany. They drew my attention with a unique trip-hop/pop version of Pink Floyd’s “Apples and Oranges” (hear below). It’s a track I return to now and gain for a nice refresher on the original. Chandeen began in 1990 under the able influence of Harald Löwy, and continues to this day. To date, the changing band has eighteen albums in distribution including a Christmas album from 2015. Their last was a five track EP, Rogue. It was issued in 2018.   

On February 28, Chandeen will release their next album, Mercury Retrograde. It will contain ten new songs. It is scheduled for CD, DD.and vinyl LP.

The firs single from the album, “Vanish”, can be heard below. A new single from the album, “Ocean Mind”, is near issuance as a pre-release offering.

Mercury RetrogradeChandeen
01 Summer’s Fling
02 Vanish
03 I Don’t Even Care If I’m Wasted
04 Let There Be Fire
05 All Ghosts
06 Ocean Mind
07 You’re In A Trance
08 Cause It’s Slow
09 Wild At Heart
10 Light

By MARowe