Now that the Christmas season is in full bloom, select radio stations have started 24/7 airing of classic songs for the holidays. With traditional songs popular over this period, a newer interpretation never tires the listener of classic favorites. Couple that with a unique brand of music, and the tunes take on more meaning. Add to that a hauntingly beautiful voice, and these factors that decide what songs will be returned to year after year often yield memorable versions. With Mary Fahl‘s entry into the holiday market, we now have an extraordinary set of holiday favorites to bless your absorption of the yearly event.

Mary Fahl (of October Project and solo fame) has released a set of ten songs that revisit old classics, as well as some contemporary adds that will soon become timeless. The new set is called Winter Songs and Carols.

It’s no secret (and shouldn’t be) that Mary Fahl delivers a compelling contralto voice that is matched by no other. And while few others can claim their own kind of unique vocal style, Mary Fahl’s style is easily in that special club. That makes these songs worthy of your time and will contribute to your enjoyment of Christmas music and carols.

Many of the expected classics are here along with “O Holy Night”, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, “What Child Is This”, “Silent Night”, and my personal favorite, “In The Bleak Midwinter”. The new album is lifted further with Mary’s vocals supplied to newer tunes by Leonard Cohen (“Winter Lady”), Joni Mitchell (“Urge For Going”, Sandy Denny (“No End”), and others.

Mary Fahl has a timeless classic with her The Other Side of Time (2003), and her haunting approach to Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon (From The Dark Side of The Moon – 2011). There are others. With Winter Songs and Carols, she creates a Christmas mood that serves the period quite well.

Winter Songs and Carols is a strong and essential classic.

By MARowe

2 thoughts on “Review: Winter Songs and Carols – Mary Fahl”
  1. Hey Matt
    For us in Canada, with shipping, it costs over $48 CDN!!! I will not pay that for a Christmas album, even a signed one that you will play once a year. It’s a shame, because she is so talented and it sounds fantastic.
    Thanks for the review – you got me on to her, and October Project, the first time you reviewed her years ago.

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