When one mentions Pink Floyd, a reverence fills the air. This is particularly true when any of their original content is being prepared for a Deluxe release. And for Pink Floyd, much of their catalog has been explored to their cores and released in multiple deluxe packages. So, is there room for one more?

On November 29, (and just in time for Christmas gift-giving), a MASSIVE 15-disc package called The Later Years: 1987-2019. Confirmed earlier this year by Aubrey Powell (co-owner of Hipgnosis, the oft-used album design company started with the late great Storm Thorgerson), this box set will definitely arrive for Pink Floyd fans and hard-core completists. The years indicate music created after the departure of Roger Waters and would likely include unused and previously unavailable studio and live materials. These treasures would work from A Momentary Lapse of Reason through 2014’s The Endless River. A Delicate Sound of Thunder representing the tour for A Momentary Lapse of Reason, and Pulse representing the tour for The Division Bell are both likely to be explored in this box set.

For now, the content is speculative. But there is a product shot that brings a lot of hope. Stay tuned for information from ALL fronts once the news is released for actual disc content. A Momentary Lapse of Reason is rumored to have a 5.1 Surround mix available for this box. As with The Early Years, a wealth of extras will accompany the pricey box.

In a side note, Powell also revealed that the 5.1 SACD for Animals would see release sometime early 2020.

By MARowe

9 thoughts on “17-Disc Box of The Later Years: 1987-2019 from Pink Floyd is Planned for November”
  1. Good news about the Animals SACD. I would love a 5.1 SACD for A Momentary Lapse of Reason, too!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll definitely be interested in seeing what content this includes!

  3. Early indications are that the price will be over $400 (US) (maybe approaching $500). That is a major impediment for most people. Also I’d bet a lot of fans are only really interested in pieces of this set.

    They have been dangling that 5.1 Animals release for well over a year now (it was originally supposed to come out sometime this year) but here we are still waiting.

    1. “They have been dangling that 5.1 Animals release for well over a year now (it was originally supposed to come out sometime this year) but here we are still waiting.””

      The only PF content with the above announcement of worth to me, personally, is the news that the Animals 5.1 mix is still going to happen. This is THE one classic PF album that has always screamed for Blu Ray or SACD 5.1 treatment. I listened to Animals on 8-track with a cheap plastic set of Magnavox headphones for the entire Summer of 1977 when I was 16 years old. When I read criticism that complains about how long the production on what will most likely be the best version & highest quality recording of this masterpiece, I laugh openly at the trivial facts that are at issue here. Waiting is simply part of the process & for a piece of music that is worthy of decades of love, I’m just tickled it’s going to be available in my lifetime . Ha ha Charade you are!

      1. I could NOT agree with you more. Animals is my favorite Pink Floyd album by far. I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of its best!

      2. Yeah. Well I bet there have been more than a few PF fans that have died waiting for this release to come out. Tell that to them and be thankful if it does come out in your lifetime because you never know. The mix has been done for a while now. The only thing holding the release up is just internal legal BS between all the parties involved who, by the way, don’t really need the money.
        Animals is also my favorite. It was the first PF album I ever bought just based on seeing it at the top of the charts for most of the summer of 1977. I wasn’t familiar with any other PF songs except for Money which was never one of my favorites. I have always felt like it’s been their bastard child album because of the lack of attention the band itself has given it.

      3. I will assume something happened to my comment replying to Greg W yesterday was somehow lost. I hope it wasn’t censored.

        The 5.1 mix has been done for years from what I’ve read. The only thing holding up the release is the continued internal struggles, legal posturing and general bad blood between Waters and Gilmour. While you and I are lucky since it appears to be coming out in “our lifetime” (although neither of us can really be sure our lifetime won’t end tomorrow), I am sure that more than a few PF fans have died waiting. And given how many times this 5.1 mix was supposed to be released on X date and hasn’t been, I’d be willing to bet a hundred dollars that it won’t be out in the first quarter of 2020.

  4. David mentioned a 5.1 “Animals” many years ago (before the Immersive box sets). Nick has mentioned that the reason(s) for the “Animals” delay is due to non-agreements between David and Roger. And all three have to agree on anything before it is officially released.

    I love their non-Roger albums, especially “The Division Bell” and “Endless River” and Richard was finally back and creating what he does best, and his greatest output since 1975 and 1977. And the last one without Roger’s depressing lyrics. “Endless River” is a decades old fantasy, as I have just wanted to hear David and Richard play off and with each other without lyrics.

  5. Per Amazon (U.S.):

    On November 29, 2019, Pink Floyd Records will release ‘Pink Floyd The Later Years’, an 18-disc set (5 x CDs, 6 x Blu-Rays, 5 x DVDs, 2 x 7″ plus exclusive photo book and memorabilia) covering the material created by David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright from 1987 onwards. The period generated record sales of over 40 million worldwide and included three studio albums: ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’, ‘The Division Bell’ and ‘The Endless River’ as well as two live albums: ‘Delicate Sound of Thunder’ and ‘Pulse’. With additional production from David Gilmour and Andy Jackson, over 13 hours of unreleased audio and audiovisual material, including the sought-after 1989 Venice and 1990 Knebworth concerts, ‘Pink Floyd The Later Years’ is a must for all fans.

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