At this stage of the Rock and Roll phenomenon, every style has been explored, evey integration has been utilized, and nothing is left to the imagination. Nevertheless, few bands are exploring the outer perimeters. All the safe formulas are in use. Of the few that willingly and are unafraid to inch out outward the periphery, Bent Knee is a band that provides a beautiful thrill with their carefully crafted works. Their last album was Land Animal (see MusicTAP write-up from 2017 here).  Bent Knee applies uses of violin, cellos, piano, and other instruments to produce a ‘hard to classify’ work of excellent scope.

On October 11, Bent Knee returns with an exciting new album. The 13-track album is being called You Know What They Mean, and judging by the already released single, “Hold Me In” (heard below), it promises to challenge our borders again. In this time of plentiful music, that’s a great thing.    

You Know What They Mean will be released on CD, DD, and three vinyl LP editions that include standard black, limited edition Coke Bottle Clear vinyl, and a Limited Edition black and pink swirl colored vinyl, which is limited to 200 copies. A visit to the Bent Knee website store (here) will reveal a wide variety of bundles that include tee shirts, and hoodies.  

Welcome back, Bent Knee. You were missed.

You Know What They MeanBent Knee

01 Lansing
02 Bone Rage
03 Give Us The Gold
04 Hold Me In
05 Egg Replacer
06 Cradle Of Rocks
07 Lovell
08 lovemenot
09 Bird Song
10 Catch Light
11 Garbage Shark
12 Golden Hour
13 It Happens

By MARowe