Marc Bolan and the entity known as T. Rex (or Tyrannosaurus Rex, once upon a time) easily captured the interest of fans worldwide especially with Electric Warrior (1971), The Slider (1972), and then Tanx (1973) before increasingly falling out of favor with a changing audience. Before these three classics, and the unmentioned T. Rex debut as T. Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex released four psychedelic Folk-styled albums with Mickey Finn. That incarnation celebrated their ascending fame with music produced differently than the harder glam-rock that lifted them to the upward levels of the then important charts. After Tanx, Bolan delivered four more albums that die-hard fans enjoyed but were lost in scope to the rest of listeners. The last album, Dandy In The Underworld, would be Bolan’s unintended swansong before his unfortunate car accident that took his life.

On October 4, Edsel Records (UK affiliate of the Demon Music Group) will release a 3CD box of Dandy In The Underworld as a hard-bound book-styled package. In it, the collection provides the original album remastered, a collection of 36 outtakes, demos, and alternate mixes (20 of them are previously unreleased). The book package is 36 pages long with photos, notes, memorabilia, and an lengthy and insightful essay. The 3 CDs are tucked into the book.

Dandy In The UnderworldT. Rex

CD1 (Original Album, Bonus Tracks)
Original Album
01 Dandy In The Underworld
02 Crimson Moon
03 Universe
04 I’m A Fool For You Girl
05 I Love To Boogie
06 Visions Of Domino
07 Jason B. Sad
08 Groove A Little
09 The Soul Of My Suit
10 Hang-Ups
11 Pain And Love
12 Teen Riot Structure
Bonus Tracks
13 To Know You Is To Love You
14 City Port
15 Dandy In The Underworld [single version]
16.Tame My Tiger
17 Celebrate Summer

CD2 (Bonus Tracks)
01 I’m A Fool For You Girl [MRI studio outtake]
02 I’m A Fool For You Girl [AIR rough mix]
03 Universe [AIR rough mix]
04 Hang-Ups [AIR rough mix]
05 Hang-Ups [AIR alternate rough mix]
06 Jason B. Sad [AIR rough mix]
07 Dandy In The Underworld [Trident; 2006 mix]
08 Crimson Moon [Trident; 2006 mix]
09 Pain And Love [Trident rough mix]
10 Groove A Little [Trident rough studio rehearsal]
11 Groove A Little [Trident instrumental working version]
12 Groove A Little [Trident master/rough mix]
13 The Soul Of My Suit [Trident rehearsal]
14 The Soul Of My Suit [Trident master/rough mix]
15 Punkoid Outtakes (Crimson Moon) [Trident working rough]

CD3 (Bonus Tracks)
01 The Soul Of My Suit [1975 solo version]
02 Teen Riot Structure [acoustic solo]
03 Teen Riot Structure [Marc and Gloria]
04 Universe [acoustic]
05 Mellow Love [Marc and Gloria]
06. To Know You Is To Love You
07 Tame My Tiger [Gloria vocal]
08 Tame My Tiger [2006 mix]
09 Hot George [2006 mix]
10 Love And The Foxey Boy [2006 mix]
11 Shy Boy [2006 mix]
12 20th Century Baby [2006 mix]
13 Celebrate Summer [2006 mix]
14 Love Drunk [2006 mix]
15. Mellow Love [2006 mix]
16 Write Me A Song [2006 mix]
17 Love Drunk [monitor mix]
18 Celebrate Summer [monitor mix]
19 Demo – song idea
20 Sing Me A Song [rough mix]
21 Endless Sleep [rough mix]

By MARowe