Jethro Tull is representative of classic ProgRock as much as Yes or even ELP. In their own delivery, Jethro Tull performed well throughout a richly changing musical landscape, never compromising who they were, but staying current to the changes that worked within their structure. With twenty solid JT titles currently available, it’s always grand news to find that Steven Wilson has finished yet another remix of a Jethro Tull album from the classic period.

On October 18, Rhino Records and Parlophone help Jethro Tull celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Stormwatch, JT’s 12th studio classic, released in 1979. With this 6-disc Force 10 Deluxe Edition that features a Steven Wilson remix of the original album, we come closer to completing remixes of the Jethro Tull catalog for as far as Steven Wilson is willing to go with them.

The 6-disc set offers the original album remixed on CD1, and a batch of newly remixed bonus tracks for CD2. CDs 3 and 4 provide a complete JT concert set from 1980. The final two discs are both DVDs. They contain the remixed album in high resolution Stereo, and 5.1 Surround Sound.

Stormwatch (Force 10 40th Anniversary) – Jethro Tull

CD1 (Original Album Remixed – 2019)
01 North Sea Oil
02 Orion
03 Home
04 Dark Ages
05 Warm Sporran
06 Something’s On The Move
07 Old Ghosts
08 Dun Ringill
09 Flying Dutchman
10 Elegy

CD2 (Bonus Tracks in 2019 remixes)
01 Crossword
02 Dark Ages (early version) (Previously unreleased)
03 Kelpie
04 Dun Ringill (early version)
05 A Stitch In Time
06 A Single Man (Previously unreleased)
07 Broadford Bazaar
08 King Henry’s Madrigal
09 Orion (full version) (Previously unreleased)
10 Urban Apocalypse (Previously unreleased)
11 The Lyricon Blues
12 Man Of God (Previously unreleased)
13 Rock Instrumental (unfinished master) (Previously unreleased)
14 Prelude To A Storm (Previously unreleased)
15 Sweet Dream (live)

CD3 (Live in The Netherlands – March 16, 1980)
01 Intro
02 Dark Ages
03 Home
04 Orion
05 Dun Ringill
06 Elegy
07 Old Ghosts
08 Something’s On The Move
09 Aqualung
10 Peggy’s Pub
11 Jack-In-The-Green
12 King Henry’s Madrigal/Drum Solo
13 Heavy Horses

CD4 (Live in The Netherlands – March 16, 1980)
01 Flute Solo (Bourée/Soirée/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Kelpie)
02 Keyboard Duet (Bach’s Prelude in Cm from the Well-Tempered Clavier 1)
03 Songs From The Wood
04 Hunting Girl
05 Jams O’Donnel’s Jigs
06 Thick As A Brick
07 Too Old To Rock ’n’ Roll: Too Young To Die!
08 Cross-Eyed Mary
09 Guitar Solo
10 Minstrel In The Gallery
11 Locomotive Breath
12 Dambusters March

5.1 Surround (DTS)
5.1 Surround (AC3 Dolby Digital)
Flat transfer of the original 1979 mix at 96/24 LPCM stereo

Contains 13 associated recordings mixed to 5.1 DTS and AC3 Dolby Digital
15 associated recordings mixed to 96/24 LPCM stereo
Five original mixes at 96/24 LPCM stereo

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