It’s not often I get to tout a release from one of my favorite bands from the ’70s. And while grey-market releases might not be all that we want or can tolerate (bad mixes, etc.), they can sometimes help you to add a nice recording to a varied library. In this case, a 2CD/DVD Rockpalast edition of Wishbone Ash with a live presentation at the Cologne (Germany) Sporthalle venue. The show, which featured the Mark II lineup with Laurie Wisefield on guitar (ex of Home) on December 1, 1976, offers a tantalizing spread of 13 songs. This show represents a tour for the then recently released New England album.

On August 30, Mig-Music will release a 2CD/DVD set that will cover a 95-minute show of classic Wishbone Ash music. The set is called Live At Rockpalast 1976. The DVD is presented in NTSC/DVD9 (a dual-layered DVD capable of holding more data). The package is presented in a digipak housing. (Interestingly, there are no “Phoenix” or “F.U.B.B.”, both staple performance tracks!)

Live At Rockpalast 1976Wishbone Ash

01 Runaway (3:40)
02 The King Will Come (6:44)
03 Warrior (7:05)
04 Lorelei (6:29)
05 (In All Of My Dreams) You Rescue Me (7:19)
06 Persephone (8:27)
07 Outward Bound (4:13)
01 Mother Of Pearl (6:26)
02 It Started In Heaven (8:09)
03 Time Was (7:48)
04 Blowing Free (7:23)
05 Bad Weather Blues (11:01)
06 Jail Bait (6:44)
DVD (Runtime – Approx 95m, 4:3 Aspect, NTSC/DVD9, Region 0)
01 Runaway
02 The King Will Come
03 Warrior
04 Lorelei
05 You Rescue Me
06 Persephone
07 Outward Bound
08 Mother Of Pearl
09 It Started In Heaven
10 Time Was
11 Blowing Free
12 Bad Weather Blues
13 Jail Bait

On a side note, I’m still highly mystified that a Deluxe Edition of the original 1973 Live Dates hasn’t happened yet. The fan base is there for such a release and it’d be a fantastic collection. In general, the assembly of the complete shows featured in the original album, and a booklet with interviews, new photos, and more, would quite simply make my stuffed collection of Wishbone Ash albums super complete. Here’s an article I wrote a few years back concerning this possibility. Live Dates is a collection of cherry-picked performances from their shows at Croydon Fairfield Halls (June 17, 1973), University of Reading (June 23, 1973), Newcastle City Hall (June 24, 1973), and Portsmouth Guildhall (June 21, 1973). Chosen for the 2LP set, “The King Will Come”, “Phoenix”, and “Jailbait” were recorded by the Rolling Stones 16-track mobile at Fairfield Halls; “Warrior”, “Throw Down The Sword”, “and “Blowin’ Free” were recorded at Newcastle City Hall; “Lady Whiskey”, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Widow”, “Ballad Of The Beacon”, and “The Pilgrim” were recorded at Reading University; and the magnificent Jimmy Reed cover, “Baby What You Want Me To Do” was recorded at the Portsmouth Guildhall.

All five shows (including an unused Southampton set) in one Deluxe Edition package would be incredible. Include a nice booklet with notes, interviews, photos, credits, memorabilia, and the set becomes more than essential. Throw in a poster or two, a replica backstage pass and/or ticket, and coolness for Wishbone Ash fans is complete.

The entire Portsmouth Guildhall show is available inside The Vintage Years 1970-1991 Wishbone Ash Box, as is the unused (due to tape issues) June 22, 1973 Southampton show, which was also destined for the Live Dates selection basket.

The known performance tracks are as follows (there are quite assuredly more but are not listed):

Fairfield Halls – Croydon (06/17/73)
01 The King Will Come
02 Blowin’ Free
03 Phoenix
04 Jailbait

Portsmouth Guildhall – Portsmouth (06/21/73)
01 The King Will Come
02 Warrior
03 Throw Down The Sword
04 Ballad Of The Beacon
05 Rock ‘N’ Roll Widow
06 Everybody Needs A Friend
07 Blowin’ Free
08 Jailbait
09 Doctor
10 So Many Things To Say
11 Baby What You Want Me To Do?
12 Phoenix
13 No Easy Road
14 Where Were You Tomorrow

University of Reading – Reading (06/23/73)
01 Rock ‘N’ Roll Widow
02 Ballad Of The Beacon
03 Lady Whiskey
04 The Pilgrim

Newcastle City Hall – Newcastle (06/24/73)
01 Warrior
02 Throw Down The Sword
03 Blowin’ Free


By MARowe

2 thoughts on “2CD/DVD Package For Wishbone Ash – Live At Rockpalast 1976 (Plus Live Dates Side Note)”
  1. Quite agree a Deluxe edition of Live Dates would be most welcome and hopefully will happen one day. On the Rockpalast release I will be buying it for the DVD really not the CD’s because if they are in mono which I think they will be that will detract from the enjoyment of listening as you won’t be getting that great sound of Andy and Lauries guitars in separate speakers. Also hope for another release of a 76 concert as feel the one on the Vintage Years box set is not very listenable as well, either due to a bad mix or the quality of the original tapes.

  2. Have to agree for sure, i notice too it was around “New England” which is a good record & no F.U.B.B. which i think too is a bit of a shame & The Live Dates would be amazing with a deluxe edition. With so many anniversary editions due or out now, The Cult, Beatles & once again Jethro Tull, it does make you wander.

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