Since 1971, America (the band) has produced an enviable string of classic tracks that are Top 40, as well a a number of deeper album tracks. Earlier, Capitol Records released a 6CD Box with all of the band’s studio and live sets issued from that label. However, America was originally signed to Warner Bros Records, from which they issued their well-known eponymous debut. 

2019 is the band’s 50th Anniversary, and Rhino Records is delivering a nice 3CD set filled with the band’s best known tracks as well as a few demos, live cuts, and a radio edit.  In addition, to appease the radio-only America fan, Rhino will also release a 16-track CD with just the hits. The 3CD set will be called The Collection, while the single CD is being called Golden Hits. Both sets will share the same cover design.

On July 12, watch for both sets to arrive. There’s sure to be enough of whatever pleases you as an America fan in the set you choose to get.

The Collection (50th Anniversary) – America

01 A Horse with No Name 
02 I Need You 
03 Sandman 
04 Here 
05 Rainy Day 
06 Three Roses 
07 Riverside (Live on Old Grey Whistle Test) 
08 Children (Live on Old Grey Whistle Test)
09 Everyone I Meet Is from California (Single Version) 
10 Ventura Highway
11 To Each His Own Head and Heart
12 Don’t Cross the River
13 Only in Your Heart
14 Cornwall Blank
15 Till the Sun Comes up Again

01 Hat Trick 
02 Muskrat Love 
03 Green Monkey 
04 Submarine Ladies 
05 Molten Love 
06 It’s Life 
07 Rainbow Song 
08 She’s Gonna Let You Down
09 Tin Man
10 Another Try
11 Lonely People
12 Hollywood
13 Baby It’s up to You
14 Old Man Took
15 Mad Dog (Demo)

01 Midnight 
02 Sister Golden Hair 
03 Daisy Jane 
04 Woman Tonight 
05 Old Virginia 
06 Company 
07 Today’s the Day 
08 Amber Cascades 
09 Watership Down (Alternate Mix) 
10 Letter
11 God of the Sun
12 Political Poachers
13 Sarah
14 Are You There
15 You Can Do Magic
16 Sergeant Darkness (Demo)
17 Ventura Highway (Early Take 4)
18 Sister Golden Hair (Demo)
19 A Horse with No Name (Live)

Golden Hits (50th Anniversary) – America

01 A Horse with No Name 
02 I Need You 
03 Sandman 
04 Don’t Cross the River 
05 Ventura Highway 
06 Only in Your Heart 
07 Muskrat Love 
08 Tin Man
09 Lonely People
10 Daisy Jane
11 Woman Tonight
12 Sister Golden Hair
13 Today’s the Day
14 Amber Cascades
15 God of the Sun 
16 You Can Do Magic


By MARowe