Lust Control is a Christian punk rock band that is likely unashamed to be referred to as “Christian.” This expanded edition of Feminazi (a term possible coined by conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh) pulls no punches in its presentation of the Christian gospel.

The album includes alternate versions and live recordings. There’s even a cover of Steve Taylor’s “I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good.” The album is at its best when it cranks up the rock & roll, exemplified by the live take on “Real Men Cry,” which is preceded by an instrumental intro snippet of “Ghost Riders in the Sky.” The album is most challenging with its nearly eleven minute altar call, titled “Thermo Sermo.” The eerily spoken word “Circumcised Baptized Moon Pies” is also tough listening.

Like it or not, you need to give it up to Lust Control for its boldness. It’s far too common to find bands comprised of Christians, rather than many outspoken Christian acts. It’s appropriate for Lust Control to cover Steve Taylor, as this bands Christian-themes-put-to-punk-rock-music is a natural heir to Taylor’s pioneering new wave sounds.

Much time has passed since this album originally came out in 1994. In many respects, it’s just as jarring now as it was then. It may not always be pretty, but there’s no danger of ever missing the points Lust Control intends to make with these confrontational songs.