The collaborative team of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney has given the new Millennium a solid and genuine taste of Rock as it’s been enjoyed for decades. Formed a the turn of the new century, The Black Keys have released eight excellent albums of enduring music. Their last was issued in 2014 leaving – a his time – an insanity of a five-year drought for fans of the duo. With the drop of a single (“Lo/Fi”) recently, it was only a matter of time before the new album would be announced. The Black Keys has since offered a second single with “Eagle Birds”.

On June 28, The Black Keys will release ‘Let’s rock’ (a possible nod to the opening utterance from The Man From Another Place [the dancing, backward-talking dwarf on Twin Peaks], who announces himself with “Let’s rock”. One of the tracks is “Fire Walk With Me” which clues me in. A guess, though).  Issued via Nonesuch Records, the new album will contain twelve new tracks.

‘Let’s rock’ will be released on CD, black vinyl LP, and a limited edition pink vinyl LP (only 7500 copies). The Black Keys will be undertaking a NA tour (with Modest Mouse) to support the new album.

‘Let’s rock’The Black Keys

01 Shine A Little Light
02 Eagle Birds
03 Lo/Hi
04 Walk Across The Water
05 Tell Me Lies
06 Every Little Thing
07 Get Yourself Together
08 Sit Around And Miss You
09 Go
10 Breaking Down
11 Under The Gun
12 Fire Walk With Me

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