For America, it was an instant love affair as their “A Horse With No Name” sprang to life over radio airwaves and speaker setups across the world. Their first album, the self-titled America, released in 1971, yielding up other hits like “Sandman”, and “I Need You”. Interestingly, “A Horse With No Name” was not initially included on the first pressings, although it certainly was in subsequent pressings. After seven studio albums for Warner Brothers, and an equal number of Top 10 hits (as well as a nice set of singles that didn’t chart as well), America moved to Capitol Records. America continued on without Dan Peek and produced another six albums for Capitol Records. 

On May 17, Capital Records will unleash a 6CD Box set containing all of the band’s albums for the label. The music for this set will be newly remastered. These albums include Silent Letter (1979), Alibi (1980), View From The Ground (1982), Your Move (1983), Perspective (1984), and the live set, In Concert (1985). Collectively, these albums will be clamshell boxed and titled as The Capitol Years Box Set. View From The Ground provided a resurgence of radio popularity for the band with “You Can Do Magic”, and on a lesser scale, “Right Before Your Eyes”.

There is not a cover shot as of yet.

By MARowe